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  1. Thank you. So to confirm there will NOT be an PCU update to version 8.1.2031 that was released at the start of July?
  2. Good morning, I am trying to check on the PCU update status. I have a Windows 10 PC that has been running ESET Endpoint AV 8.0.2039.0 since about the day it was released. The machine has a policy to allow automatic program updates, the EULA was accepted via the ESET protect console, and the machine is restarted at least once per week. It doesn't seem to update past that point. Versions of 8.1 have been around now for greater than two months which I believe was the delay that these updates would operate on.
  3. If ping is correctly sending ICMP between the networks, it is likely not a routing issue. I would check to make sure port 2222 (or whatever you configured) is allowed between the two networks and also on the host firewall for the ESET protect server. A screenshot that Marcos requested will also help identify any potential issue.
  4. Any word on this, I have purposely left a test machine on EEA v8.0, accepted the EULA prompt in ESET Protect, verified policies are set to automatically handle program updates, and nothing has changed to bring it to v8.1.
  5. Sounds like this may be an issue with a firewall somewhere in between or a routing issue. I would check to make sure traffic is passing between the two networks.
  6. I am aware of MSFT's offering for this, but I think this requires MS Defender to be deployed and running on the endpoint. I expect that would cause issues running ESET side by side.
  7. While I know this isn't a current feature, this is something that I think would be a great addition to the product. Something that monitors a key set of 3rd party apps and specific OS patches that are missing reporting back to the console.
  8. If you are simply changing the IP, you could do an DNS record, edit your policy to use the DNS name, then change the DNS record to your new IP.
  9. Since ESET Protect 8.1 was just released, Is the next service release coming in the near future? I have the upgrade scheduled and planned but determining if I need to delay pending this next service release.
  10. Can you provide documentation on how to approve the EULA via the console? I searched through the KB and couldn't find anything to show me where to look or what to do.
  11. I would download a fresh copy of the WAR file from ESET's website, move the era.bak and era.new folders to a 2nd location as a backup, then restart the Tomcat service. That should re-create the ERA folders and restore access. This should get you operational again unless you have a special distributed setup.
  12. Yes, I can confirm this behavior on at least macOS Big Sur devices. I opened a ticket with support and was essentially told that ESET support for Big Sur is not fully available even though their public facing support page says it is fully supported minus the firewall and device control. I was told full support is coming in March with a new version that I hope fixes this. It is rather annoying to have to uninstall ESET to install critical OS patches.
  13. I already have, and they pretty much gave me the option of hiding the GUI entirely or upgrading. I just hope the feedback received makes the decision makers behind these decisions re-think this next time.
  14. This is not accurate. The current notification causes a Windows notification and alert sound upon logging into the machine which draws attention to the GUI.
  15. You are assuming that I plan to deploy 21H1 in the near future. The users in my environment will actually never have access to 21H1.
  16. At least for me, the issue with the notification is causing me to receive un-necessary support tickets from my end-users thinking there is an issue with their computer when in fact there is nothing wrong.
  17. That's not the point. This was not well executed by ESET. This message should have been displayed to the admins in the console and not on all endpoints without the ability to control it.
  18. On a similar note, can I ask why there isn't a way to hide this message on the client via policy? There is an option to disable every other alert message on the client but this one. In my environment, the end-users need to not worry about the agent/product being out of date as that is handled by IT. We are actively working on it and don't need users calling and telling us.
  19. I seriously don't understand why these settings cannot be the same between platforms. There are those that prefer to use the simple password protect settings mechanism on macOS.
  20. I know many are reporting widespread issues, but I have seen this exact error message when the HDD fills up.
  21. I am interested in getting a copy! Is this product geared towards file servers, linux desktops, or both? Also, would I need to have ESMC 7 deployed to manage it? We are running 6.5 and planning our upgrade to 7 for later this year.
  22. The way that I have gotten around this is to make a "Shared Permissions" static group. Then, give the permissions to both user groups that need to access the license.
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