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  1. I have the NOD32 AV product. I am not comfortable giving my license and credentials in a public forum. Why don't my credentials for the Windows version work for Android? Where can I find the Android license or username / P/W for the Android version? John
  2. Okay, a correction: I got my laptop AV activated, but the same license or credentials DON'T WORK for my Android phone. How do I get my phone AV activated??? John
  3. I renewed my license for ESET NOD 32 AV. Activation worked for my desktop, but everything I have tried for my new Android phone and my laptop has FAILED. I am confused by multiple logins to my accounts: shope.eset; eset, Forum, ESET AV downloads. The email and license that I found for my desktop app, will not work to activate eset on my phone. I have 5 licenses, and only one is active. I need help getting my phone and laptop AV working pronto.
  4. I'm using Firefox and Eset NOD 32 on my desktop, and my email functions (yahoo, gmail and another one) are all running extremely slow. I can type half a line in a message before anything shows up on the screen. Refreshing the screen in email, like going to a different message can be painfully slow. Temporarily disabling the web and email AV functions in Eset helps speed things up dramatically. Is there something I can do to improve performance and still use the AV on Eset? I do regularly clean up stuff on my computer with Glary Utilities, so it is not junk that is slowing me down. Help!
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