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  1. Problem solved - I hope. Got absolutely no help from ESET Smart Security - they just insisted it was nothing to do with them and told me to call out a computer engineer! They have just lost a customer! I e-mailed all the other companies that I pay for virus/ malware etc. protection and firewall, none have yet responded. I managed to find my way on to google product forums and sent them the same message yesterday. Closing down my computer for the day I noticed that MS wanted to apply 25 updates, just so pleased it was at the end of the day and not during the day! This morning I read a message with instructions from google forums and carried out their suggestions as best I could. At then end of their instructions was a suggestion that I try a different browser so I closed Firefox and opened up Explorer then went to Gmail to look at the e-mails that were giving me the problem. Hey presto problems solved! I then shut down Explorer and opened Firefox went into Outlook to open up the same e-mails - No problems, everything back to where it was a week or two earlier. Thanks google forums Now, in truth, I do not know whether it was the advice from google forums or the updates from Microsoft that solved my problems but the fact remains that they are sorted so thanks to whichever company solved the problem for me and to say I am disappointed with ESET's response is an understatement.
  2. I apologise if you have already read this. I am a newcomer to this forum and I have been unable to see my post so have tried to add it again! I have a problem with e-mails that carry a link to another site for example allowing me to track a package being sent by courier. When I click on the link a window opens that shows many of the programs I have on my computer like Photoshop MS Word Paint Adobe Reader or whatever the windw then to choose the program that I want to use to openthis file and then reads File: arnoapp373984100 then two characters that change each time the window opens and finally a forward slash. Nothing I have done seems to have solved the problem. Googling arnoapp I found that it might be something to do with google earth so I uninstalled that. I tried uninstalling outlook , clearing out all the cookies and the like with three seperate cleaning programs, closing down and rebooting and then reinstalling Outlook - the problem is still there. I have spoken to Microsoft who tried to do a soft repair of Outlook which failed, they then tried to sell me a copy of outlook 2013! I have spoken to ESET, they maintain it's nothing to do with them! I am at my wit's end can anybody please help solve my problem. I use Outlook 2007 and Firefox. Thanks Jacks Grandad
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