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  1. I finally got ERA 6.0 installed, and I noticed the ESET Remote administration component is on the server now. I don't want any antivirus on the server itself, and would like to remove the ESET Remote Administration software from the server since I don't intend to manage the server from ERA6. Can this be removed without breaking ERA6 or any other parts of the ESET Server?
  2. Hello, I just recently purchased ESET NOD32 with the remote administrator option. I'd like to deploy the endpoint clients with the remote administrator. Although I cannot install the Remote Administrator. It hinges on the fact that it cannot seem to create the SQL database. A little backstory. We have a vascular hand scanner app that stores hand scans of employees in a Microsoft SQL database. So we're running Microsoft SQL Express 2012, I didn't want ESET Remote administrator installing SQL express, so I figure I'd manually create the database. If I MANUALLY create era_db, and
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