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  1. We use Eset endpoint security and I was checking out my LAN firewall logs. I am noticing my endpoints reaching out to edf.eset.com almost every 3 seconds. It was more than that until I set up an update mirror. Is there a way to throttle back the frequency of those checks? I believe it is doing an activation check, but every 3 seconds seems excessive to me. Thanks,
  2. I am having trouble deploying ESET Endpoint Security in my VMware View environment. I am unable to connect to the virtual PC via the VMware Horizon Client with ESET Firewall turned on. If I turn off the firewall I can connect fine. If anybody has experience with this and have a policy set up to allow VMware View to work, I would really appreciate knowing what settings you have changed to make it work. OR... if someone can point me in the right direction to a log to show what port or rule is blocking the connection that would be helpful too. Thanks in advance, STeve
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