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  1. I've already lost 9 WHOLE MONTHS of my current multi-device license for my Macbook Pro because of this bug. So what is ESET going to do to address that fact? At first there was talk of giving me a free year on my license. Then instead they gave me access to a beta build that resolved the issue a couple months back but it never got past activation issues. Lots of talk comes from ESET, but they're not big on backing it up with action.
  2. The website was updated, and now hides the minor/bug fix version. You just choose from 5.0 or 6.0. So I have no idea if the website refresh is indicative of a new version going up. All I know is that for the VAST majority of my license period that was wasted with the Multi-Device product, my Mac has been without any form of anti-virus due to this damned bug. Getting lead around by ESET personnel after the fact so haphazzardly was just icing on the cake of what has been a pretty spectacular fumbling of customer service all around.
  3. Well I re-attempted to use the activation key that was given to me and it still fails to activate: 0x1000500d error. This Endpoint Security that was supposed to address my faulty CSP 6.0.14.
  4. I was given a link to the Beta. But since the key I was given as well was invalid, it's been of no help to me. That was the other odd thing. I have CSP, but they gave me this Endpoint Security beta. Not sure if CSP is going away, but either way, I'm back to square 1. ESET's customer service to this end has been nothing short of miserable.
  5. Yeah, a while back someone got in talks with me to get me a build that addressed the issue early on, but they've been quiet for over a week now. ESET really needs to get its act back together. Talking a big game about how much you appreciate the customer is just that; talk. Back it up with action.
  6. No one from ESET gave me such a solution. They never offered an internal build that addressed the issue. I wouldn't have wasted the last X months of the subscription with the laptop unprotected. Why is it a company is so big that one side does not know what the other is doing?
  7. You're saying this is an OSX issue? That an OS patch will resolve CSP's shutdown issue? CSP could be "used", but I don't tolerate software that makes my machines unstable. This would include crashes, degraded performance or incompatibilities with other software. If this is an OS issue, then the fault is not ESET's. I'm having a hard time thinking why it would be, since the laptop shutdown in a heartbeat before CSP was installed, and only started exhibiting the excessive CPU usage (constant scanning maybe default behavior?) and additional 60 seconds of shutdown time.
  8. I have been a long-time supporter of ESET. On a Windows platform, their software has a small footprint, is beautifully designed, stable, stays out of the way, and does a great job. I have long since those days touted ESET for being a great company with a great product. I purchased Multi Device Security which comes with Cyber Security Pro for my Macbook Pro (Yosemite) and I have been nothing but DISGUTED with ESET as a whole with this product. Not only has ESET known of this bug for 9 MONTHS, but they have yet to bring a fix to market. The year license I have with my software was wasted because I simply do not tolerate software that deteriorates the performance of my machine. With CSP, it was often found running my CPU at 90-95% for hours on end and it has this infuriating shutdown hangup. Where my MBP used to shut down in 3-5 seconds, it was now well over 60 seconds. Who knows if it's causing damage to the underlying OS or not, but this has put a SERIOUS dent in whether I'm going to stick with them for another year, seeing as they just wasted the time never getting a fix out. I'm a software developer; I know fixes don't come in a matter of days. But this is inexcusable and ESET should honestly be ashamed of themselves. I've since taken CSP off my Macbook and will look for other alternatives that don't jeopardize the stability of operations on my machine. Get your act together ESET. 9 MONTHS.
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