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  1. I'll bump this as it either needs an answer or to be acknowledged as a feature request. This actually stops me using the Notifications feature in V6 and I have to make do with a Sever Task that runs a report when a Dynamic Group changes. It really needs to be able to generate an HTML table within the email for each item in the alert/notification. Bonus points for checkboxes in the notification editor to select the columns we want to display. As it stands now the data that is included isn't even copy past-able as a CSV file because it using semi colons.
  2. This might be of interest to everyone, just found it on a bing search: hxxp://support.eset.com/kb3590/?locale=en_US last updated to day and mentions v6.2
  3. Yeah I had some issues earlier activating File Security 4.5 and Endpoint Security 6 products earlier, no idea if it has resovled itself. Based in the UK here.
  4. Can you create a policy that applies to the RDS sensor, I believe there are options for white/blacklisting IP's? Might not be quite the answer your looking for but better than nothing.
  5. I believe it's still there, just renamed to the "Send Wake-Up Call" option on the Computer context menu see attached image. EDIT Just had a read of the documentation and it appears the functionality isn't WOL which is a shame. What I would like is for this to be wrapped up in a task that can be sent to an ERA Proxy server to broadcast on the network as my ERA Server is not on the same network as the devices it manages. In addition to this it'd be good if the ERA Proxy server could push out the ERA Agent as well.
  6. I recently managed to get all managed computers down to 0 active threats by manually cleaning PCs and running scans from the ERA console however the Threats list still shows 999+ threats, is this intended to just be a historical list or is there some way to remove them other than the mute option?
  7. Some background We have an ERA Server hosted in the cloud with no LAN access to endpoints. The endpoints will either connect to the ERA server directly via the internet when roaming or via an ERA Proxy when in the office. The ERA Proxy is not accessible from the internet. I have dynamic groups and policies setup to give the Agent on the endpoints the correct server depending on their network location. It has occurred to me that the following situation might occur Laptop is turned on in the office and gets the settings for the local ERA Proxy server applied. Laptop gets shutdown. Laptop gets booted back up outside the office, but can no longer contact the ERA Proxy to receive the new configuration. My problem/question I've seen that the option in the policy for "Servers to connect to" can take multiple servers. If I specify multiple servers, what will happen? Round Robin? Contact all servers with every update? Prioritised list? I've had a good look in the documentation but there appears to be very few docs about the actual endpoint agent. Thanks Ben
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