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  1. Hello, My users are complaining of the same thing. The scheduled scan is performed monthly, and when missed it starts ASAP. The problem is that all users have laptops and not machines that are on 24/7. The impact is severely noticed by developers on very powerful machines with the scan taking a really long time to complete (which in itself is strange). They cannot pause, postpone or otherwise delay the pause until their break or end of the day (even with admin priviledge). It is impossible to schedule a scan that only works at night seeing as nearly all machines are shut down by then. The only option is not scanning, which ofcourse would be ridiculous. Am I missing something or why can't the users pause the scan? I seem to recall that I was able to do so in a previous version?
  2. Is the issue still occurring after having the 'Internet protection module' updated to 1173.9 (20150617) and then restarting OS X? If so, are there any websites you can provide for examples to see if I can reproduce the issue? We have recently 'solved' this issue by redirecting the Web Access protection to an unused port - note this effectively disabled the monitoring, but the issues ceased. As Completely disabling web access protection gave those annoying errors in the ERA console. I would like to see this issue get some more attention, as the logs and communication I have had with ESET representatives have led to nothing. I have send logs and other information, but have yet to receive more than 'thank you we received and will get back to you'. Edit: @Planet: Yes issues persisted with 'early updates' and even re-rolls to earlier versions.
  3. Using EES and in combination with ERA 6.x we are experiencing the same thing. Killing the esets_proxy daemon has resolved the issue temporarily, but the problem returned.
  4. Several of our OS X machines have reported being unable to visit websites at random during their workday. We are looking into what specifically causes the issue and have determined this is due to a part of ESET Endpoint blocking access. Reboot, uninstall or disabling web access protection has all worked for regaining access. Edit: We have been able to locate the evil daemon: esets_proxy . If we kill this process it restarts itself and the user is able to use the internet normally again. We have disabled the Web access and Anti-Phishing protection via policy as a test, but now all machines are reporting an error in the ERA V6 console. I cannot seem to be able to disble this specific error in de ERA console. I can mute users, but now I am unsure if I have not muted everything from these users? I should not be receiving a warning if this is done via a correctly applied policy?
  5. I have been searching everywhere for an answer to this question. As well as why it is called 'mute'. Please make a change as well as a knowledgebase article!
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