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  1. is this not suffice and the other screen shot is one of the client details
  2. Every time task have to created when there is product version update seen in the report?? i have created the Task as shown below is this correct thanks i will confirm the status once it trigger.
  3. i am attaching the screen shot for yore reference, hope this will be clear to understand secondly i wanted to know how i can update the version 7.3 to a higher version so that all clients are get the proper Latest versions. thanks marcos ..
  4. Task is unable to update the clients version of ESET 7.3 to higher version, several times i ran the task but does not applied to clients how to update the repository to get the latest version?
  5. How to retrive the forgotten administrator password from the EST MGMT portal
  6. Thanks marco for your timely help, now ERA can collect the Applications installed in clients system..👍👍👍👍
  7. Dear Marco, I did not see the option "Report non-Eset installed apps" in the policies blade Regards Rabbani
  8. do i have to create a client TASK?? also i am getting the following alert, when i click on outdate i click to update product but i see only one product ..how the client get updated.. thanks for your swift support all the time regards Rabbani
  9. Dear Marco, One more thing i would like to know whether the ESMC collect APPS installed on a computer??
  10. Dear Marco, Great i have successfully create the task and workstations are showing status in Green Tick.. and all other details. one more thing i need a document to understand more features Thanks a lot for your support we did it
  11. Dear Marco, I have successfully installed the ESMC and my server status is in Green, Please help me in configuring other steps like, creating policy, tasks and etc and also adding computers will be appreciated..
  12. thanks marcos for your swift response.. i wil start with scratch and let you know once again thanks a lot
  13. where can i find the latest version and details to configure please help so that i can un-install and re-install the new one
  14. Dear Tea, I have Installed ERA Remote server on windows server 2016 std version and Joined to domain, later i am adding computers using name or IP address it is adding but in the status i saw a gray circle. i also created a agent deployment package and installed in workstation it installed uisng era remote server on port 2222. when i am missing please help so that we can proceed to licences.
  15. Dear team, i have Eset version 4 configured as Remote administration server for clients. my clients having the same version can directly update the definition files where as some of the users have updated there eset version to 8 can not get updates from server. in earlier version we have a chance to add server and port 2221, in newer version i can not see how to tackle this i have nearly 200 users.
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