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  1. I need to uninstall ESET Smart Security temporarily to troubleshoot problems with BSODs on my laptop (I've been instructed to do this since according to my crash dumps ESET driver crashes a lot), and anyway, wanted to know if my license key will still be there when I reinstall. Is it linked with my email account or something like that?
  2. Yep, I have same error. Store won't open at all, loads for a bit and then closes, so do the store apps that I have installed previously.
  3. it works on a fresh installation, it's fine on both my mom's laptop and my PC, but on my own laptop where I've had previous versions of eset v8 and v9 beta it doesn't work. Now I can't just format my laptop to install my antivirus. And that epfw drive does not exist in both my ethernet and wi-fi adapters (maybe because I uninstalled eset v9 beta). I'll reinstall it and see if it's there and try to uninstall it and see if it fixes the problem. EDIT: Reinstalled and epfw was there, uninstalled it, and network connection is fine, but to activate I still had to disable HIPS as instruct
  4. OK, downloaded latest version, it's not fixed. In fact, it's as broken as before. Now my PC has no internet since it can't detect my networks and after uninstall it's the same. Tried installing ESS V8 and it won't initialize firewall at all. This broke my computer completely and I'm still trying to find a way to get my internet connection back. What the hell have you done with this product, and please don't blame it on microsoft for not giving you driver modules or whatever, because that 'information' is a lie. You haven't fixed this problem in months now, putting the blame on Microsoft.
  5. It's pretty close to final build, they even removed the build numers, so that should say something. But in terms of driver compatibility modules and things like that, it should be pretty set I think.
  6. Final build is out, you should start working on it now
  7. Antivirus doesn't have firewall if I'm not mistaken, and it's the firewall that has problems with windows 10
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