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  1. I just want to mention that this is Facebook's thing and they don't only use ESET for their malware detection on accounts, but also F-Secure and Trend Micro and apparently plan on providing more vendors for this in the future (here's a link to the original announcement about this scanning on Facebook). You don't get it do you, the only thing people will remember is that Eset was a hassle and would not let them sing in
  2. Although I know that Eset is a fine and very highly recognized security program, I think the developers should have a little talk with their sales team about the bad taste their little escapade may have left in the mouths of many Facebook users.
  3. Ok wish I found that link earlier, Whoever came up with this brilliant idea should of made it more clear because I didn't find any links anywhere explaining what it was doing, I had to google it. BTW I'm not actually sure if it actually cleaned anything after it scanned because it said it found 1 problem and the only choice's were to either try a 30 day free trial or buy the product neither of which he wanted to do so I just closed the the program. One more thing how did Facebook know He had a problem he must of got it from them LOL . Just in case anyone is wondering what it found it was some toolbar in the downloads folder that was not installed. I ended up deleting everything in that folder Also I don't see any option to mark this thread as solved so I will leave it the way it is unless someone knows how to do that By the way thank you all for your help
  4. Thanks' I read those announcements, But they don't mention forcing him to download Eset before he could logon
  5. I'm not sure if this question belongs here or not but here goes. My friend called me and said he could not logon to Facebook because it said his computer had to be cleaned and a popup said that he had to download Eset online scanner, There was no cancel or opt out button just a download, I recognized the name Eset so I told it him it was safe was I wrong. -He uses Chrome newest version -He was using a non administrator account and had to put in the admin password -Windows 7 fully updated Before I told him it was safe I did a Google search and found that Facebook and Eset made some kind of partnership. Did I give him the wrong advice
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