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  1. Our user right now has no connection with our main serve and i think if we change anythung on server it will not effect the client. And it should get an update from a internet. My question is how we want to change the update setting on the client and unlock the policy setting.
  2. Hi, we use Eset endpoint security 6 at our end user, and there are some user been manage by ERA, and some user are outside of the networks. We use same installer for all user in the network and outside of the networks. the problem is in our policy we set all the user have to get a update from ERA Server. however we find user that not connect to the ERA server also use the policy that need them to get an update from the ERA Server. And that make the client fail to get an update, we try to set a policy manually on the user outside of the networks to get an update from the internet but fail because the policy has been lock. Is there any ways to we unlock the policy for the client outside from our networks. Thanks
  3. Hi, I just deploy a Eset remote administrator proxy 6 on my secondary refer this link hxxp://support.eset.com/kb3646/?viewlocale=en_US . and after finish installation and setting policy for grouping. I found my server file security unable to get update from the eset admin server and there are error unidentified server response. its there any other setting should i do or there are some other installation. Thnks,
  4. hi, before upgrade to version 6 ERA , we using Eset remote administrator 5 for our server in HQ, and we have 2 others Replication server in Other site. I just upgrade the server in HQ to version 6. but i cant find how to upgrade 2 others server for replicate to the hq server. are there anyone knows how to configure ERA 6 server replication.
  5. It Okay, but did u get any idea how to resolve this issues.
  6. Dear MichalJ, which service did you found that is a era 5. because we only have one era in the server that is ERA 6.
  7. I have problem with my ERA 6.4, i try to run ERA but there are error that could not open the web. and already check the service.msc and i found that my Eset HTTP service is not runnning and also found that my Apache tomcat 7.0 service is did not start. I try to start it manually but if fails. and I check in the Eset KB and found article kb5550 that ask to use the default java setting, and still fails to start the Apache services. Its there any suggestion or there are problems with others services that block apache from start.
  8. when we turn off or disable eset protection, the pc performance turn to normal. but after we turn it on, all client pc peformance affected.
  9. hi, our client Processes I/O Read bytes is showing high Ekrn process running and effect the client pc peformance. our client using eset endpoint security Version 5.0.2265. Is this a normal processes?
  10. Thanks for advice, now I able to restore the certificate back.
  11. I manage to open previous database using sql server management. Kindly advise next step how to extract the certificate and how I can import the cert again in the ERA Server.
  12. during component upgrade from era 6.3 to era 6.4 the program files is corrupted for unknown reason. So reinstall a fresh ERA 6.3 in hope to get the client connection back. Server hostname and ip server address are not change. unfortunately none of the client able to reconnect back. we understand this something has to do with client agent certificate failed to handshake with the new server certificate. Is there any way to restore the previous certificate to the newly setup server so we can get the client connection back. we dont want to go to every machine again to reinstall the agent because there 800 users. we only have backup content for the previous era in this folder. its there anything that can be useful in this case C:\Program Files (x86)\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 7.0\webapps\era If its really impossible to performed the above is there any plan in the near future to make the backup and recovery of era much easier and lastly, if we were to go to every machine again. can the new era agent simply be installed on top of the existing agent.
  13. is there any ERA latest version has been released? The latest version of ERA is 5.3.33. However, it won't help you as your existing Endpoint clients won't be able to verify the new package signature. Use push install instead of an upgrade client task. Usually we do upgrade client task for previous version and no failure occurred. Since we try push install usually wont help in upgrade version.
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