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  1. Echoing MaxBallauf above, I cannot provide any memory dumps as my system is frozen. This has been ongoing for more that 3 weeks now - has this issue been parked by ESET? I have been using Eset products since 2007 so I'm reluctant to dump them, but I cannot forgo protection much longer.
  2. @Marcos Has there been any modifications to Smart Security for PC/Win 7 since I last posted on June 26th? I've had to uninstall SS since then - I can't see any point in reinstalling if there has been no change. I definitely had module 1492 installed. WRT to a memory dump, I obviously cannot create any dump for my system after it freezes - are you suggesting that a dump immediately after login could be useful to you? If so, then I will find time to install SS one last time to create such a dump - given the size, can you please PM me with an upload location? Has this problem gone away
  3. @Marcos As I am experiencing freezes/lockups as opposed to BSODs, I don't think I have any memory dumps to forward. If you think a manual memory dump (a couple of minutes after boot, say) would be useful, let me know and I'll try to schedule. WRT to windows updates, these were the last updates installed: Description FixComments HotFixID InstallDate InstalledBy InstalledOn Name ServicePackInEffect Status Update KB2952664 NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM 6/22/2015 Security Update KB303389
  4. This issue has been occuring for me for the past 3 days - I've an Asus Z87-Pro board with Windows 7 Pro SP1 and AI Suite 3 running. While I have had several BSODs, mainly my system just freezes totally within 5 minutes of boot. My system had been up and down using hibernation for approx 10 days without full reboot prior to this. Like other users, Eset had been running without problems in this machine for 18 months. I've disabled all new Windows GWX components from within the Task Scheduler and disabled all CEIP tasks to see if any MS X10 changes have impacted but crashes continued to occu
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