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  1. I create for each customer a groupname And to get the groupname in your reports I use this query. SELECT dbo.tbl_computers.computer_name, dbo.tbl_log_threat_event.ThreatName, dbo.tbl_log_threat_event.UserName, dbo.tbl_log_threat_event.Occurred, dbo.tbl_static_groups.group_name FROM dbo.tbl_computers INNER JOIN dbo.tbl_log_threat_event ON dbo.tbl_computers.computer_id = dbo.tbl_log_threat_event.SourceUuid_id INNER JOIN dbo.tbl_static_groups ON dbo.tbl_computers.parent_id = dbo.tbl_static_groups.group_id
  2. Hi, We are using Microsoft Report Builder to generate summary reports for different customers Is it possible to integrate the data from the Era Remote Administrator 6 database? And are there SQL views or queries available so I can integrate the data in our summary reports We want to know for each customer (group) the total threats last month and if scanner is up to date and top 10 system with threats etc. I hope that somebody can help
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