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  1. Thank you, Marcos! When I have some free time this week, I'll try your suggestions and get you a copy of the emails from Ceton.
  2. Windows 8.1 64 bit w/ Media Center Ceton InfinitTV PCIe 4 tuner CableCARD I've never had any problems running NOD32 v7.x. Upon trying to upgrade to v8.x last October, I could no longer watch encrypted cable channels. The Ceton diagnostics utility will not find a signal on those channels. If I uninstall v8.x and reinstall v7.x, everything works fine. ESET had recommended disabling HIPS, but that did not fix the issue. Even disabling NOD32 temporarily does not allow the Ceton tuner to work. This week I tried updating to v8.x and the problem still exists. Ceton's tech support was unable to help beyond confirming that NOD32 v8.x does seem to interfere with their software's ability to communicate with the hardware. I've run NOD32 for years and would hate to have to switch to another AV program, but I can only run a legacy version for so long. Any suggestions for diagnosing this problem? Previous ESET support Case #1227928 Thank you!
  3. Asus Maximus VI Formula z87 motherboard.... Tried updating all the Asus software and motherboard drivers. Still crashed within a few minutes of logging onto Windows. Removed Asus AI Suite 3 and all of its components and everything seems fine.
  4. EDIT: I'm running a Maximus VI with a Z87 chipset. Not a VII with the Z97 as originally stated. I'm running an Asus Maximus VI Formula which has the z87 chipset. I'm experiencing this issue as well. I have Asus AI Suite 3 installed, but it's an old version and hasn't been updated in months. (Maybe a year or more??) Just curious why software that has been on my computer for a year and a half and not updated for many months suddenly started causing a conflict with ESET this week? I'm running ESET NOD32 v7.x on Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit with Media Center. (I have tried installing NOD32 v8.x but there is an issue with my Ceton InfiniTV CableCARD tuner that neither Ceton nor ESET have been able to resolve. Hence, why I'm still running v7.)
  5. (I have ESET NOD32 Antivirus but I noticed this current thread and describes my problems almost identically.) I've been running ESET Anti Virus v7.x on Windows 8.1 Pro on my desktop for about a year and a half. (I had previously tried updating to v8.x, but it blocked some of my CableCARD tv tuner functions from working in WMC.) This is a custom built computer and has always been ROCK SOLID. Starting this evening, the system completely locks up with no BSoD or memory dump. This seems to happen between appox 3 and 10 minutes after logging into Windows. After this occurred a half dozen times, I tried disabling ESET's protection until next restart. (I got the red triangle warning in the system tray.) A few minutes later, I noticed the ESET system tray icon doing the blue circle spinning like it was trying to update and the system almost immediately froze. After restarting Windows, I uninstalled ESET and everything was fine. I did multiple restarts, used a number of apps, and it all appeared fine. So I downloaded the latest version of ESET v8.x from ESET, installed it, and restarted my PC. Sure enough, after about 5 minutes, the computer froze. So now it's happened with both v7.x and v8.x. It doesn't happen when ESET is uninstalled.
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