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  1. And yet the problem is easy fixed by uninstalling the ESET software, so the hardware suddenly fixed it self? This system has been solid as a rock for 12 months and the first & only crash is cured by removing NOD32, don't try to tell us that it is not the cause of the problem. Yeah, blame it all on our systems. I must say, since your very first comment to the OP, your attitude stinks. I am due to renew the mutiseat licence for NOD32 at the company where I work, and I think you're attitude has me wondering if I should look elsewhere for my AV protection.
  2. My motherboard is a z87 chipset (Gigabyte Z87-HD3), I do have the APP center software installed but it is not set to auto update and there have been no updates applied. The only gigabyte software I actually run is their software for setting fans speeds, which runs as the process: AdjustService.exe.
  3. Yes, I have a gigabyte motherboard and use some of their software.
  4. Sorry Marcos. I have switched to a 30 trial of Kaspersky, I have used NOD32 for 10 years but I do not have time to mess about and debug this, I need a working system. This has made me lose a lot of faith in NOD32. Since uninstalling NOD32 and installing Kaspersky I have had ZERO BSOD. The problem is certainly NOD32.
  5. I'm getting the exact same BSOD and I'm pretty sure NOD32 is the cause. I went back to a 2 week old backup image which I know is stable, the system continues to stay stable until NOD32 updates. after this, once you reboot, the BSOD happens about 10-30 secs after booting. I restored the backed multiple times and everytime is the same, if NOD32 is allowed to update then BSOD will happen on boot from the next reboot. I've uninstalled NOD32 and the system is stable again. I'm PM you a link for the dump.
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