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  1. So my machine is Windows 10 and it locks up, the MS Hotfix isn't compatible with Windows 10. The article you sent me wasn't in English, but i found the English one. Do i initiate the manual crash while the computer is locked up? I don't know if my computer takes any input.
  2. Does temporarily disabling protocol filtering in Endpoint make the issue go away? If so, does installing the hotfix KB2664888 solve the issue? It is the only 100% solution to the issue as lockups can be caused virtually by any application that utilizes Windows Filtering Platform. The ERA hotfix has a certain performance improvement removed (duplex communication) that was found to catalyze the issue in WFP. I believe we've had a few clients where the hotfix is installed and the lockups were still occurring. We definitely have a mixed environment going on now. I'll continue to install MS
  3. We are still getting lock ups on clients without the MS Hotfix installed, even after applying the change in the updated KB hxxp://support.eset.com/kb3668/ We use the appliance, stopped service, copied the .SO file and restarted service. Still have lockups. FYI
  4. Is there something that removes tasks? I had 3 agent installer tasks setup and 2 have disappeared now. Just wondered if tasks themselves have expire dates ?
  5. In v5 you could install a standalone client and it would get updates from the internet. How is this possible in v6? These remote laptops do VPN in daily, but i don't otherwise have the ERA appliance open to the internet. Deploying the client on v5 i could also just do by searching an IP range and the non domain would show up. How can i do that now in v6 where my static groups are all sync'd via AD. Thanks.
  6. In v5 we used to be able to install the client on standalone computers that traveled outside our network. They would get virus DB updates from the internet. And i used to be able to do an IP scan to find computers that weren't on the domain and install the client. With v6 how do I handle these clients that aren't domain computers. My ERA is NOT open to the interweb, but they do VPN in usually on a daily basis so could they check in the ERA if I somehow got the agent and v6 client installed? I have to update my existing v5 "non-domain, not on our network currently" laptops. Thanks for you
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