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  1. I have removed it as it capped my upload to 40Mbps from 110Mbps - soon as uninstalled the speed was back poor!
  2. Thanks for the quick reply, I wonder why was it that Comodo (nor any other firewalls I've had over 20 years) never asked for the admin password on every request? ahh well, guess i will have to try something else, thanks again
  3. Hi, I am currently on a trial of ESET Smart Security and loving it and thinking about purchasing it, however– the only issue I have so far is that I prefer to have an 'interactive' Firewall (custom ruleset), so it asks me for every app accessing 'outbound' – this is my preferred choice, because then you can be more sure that something isn't “slipping through the net” The problem is for every pop-up I have to enter my over 20 digit admin password in – which you can imagine is a PITA, and would put me off purchasing it. Can this be changed so that it doesn't ask for it? I've never had a firewall do this before? Thanks
  4. like others on here, the new version of ESET scanner has missing GUI elements making it impossible to use - I deleted the appdata/user/ESET folder as advised, but the problem still occurred on a new download of it here's a screenshot can anyone tell me how to fix this? this is on a brand-new windows install thanks
  5. thanks everyone - mind at rest lol... still guna test it on my tablet elsewhere then back home - nothing on that - never been setup and used yet... so I should get the proper results on that - unless ESET scans all traffic to my devices over wifi? thanks again
  6. Hi Ive been using Steve Gibson's CA HTTPS Fingerprint (Hash) tool to gather webistes SHA-1 fingerprints, then checking them against them in the certifitcates in my firefox and vivaldi (vanilla) browsers, each time the sites are different SHA1- hashes to what his site reports it SHOULD be, I had BitDefender installed and he said BD and Kaspersky where 2 AV's that messed with it. so I got rid of BD and got a Trial of ESET Smart Security Premium, and again the hashes are not what https://www.grc.com/fingerprints.htm says they are - as its mentioned in that page, EV Certificates can not be spoofed and these where the only ones coming back OK (for my tests it was very rare to get a site with EV CA Certificates though) I also use NordVPN for extended privacy and protection, I have tried on a vanilla browser and the results are the same, one (ebuyer.com) was ok on BD, but on ESET its not the same now, this leaves me to believe that either; A) Iam being surveilled/Intercepted which is why the SHA-1 Fingerprints do not match..? B) ESET Security is the cause, a lot of them ive tried since installing seemed to stating the certificate is 'signed' by ESET..? if so then fine, though it does stop me from detecting survelience/interception of my traffic can anyone help with this? just i was recently falsley accused of "hacking" my fathers "devices" and "bank accounts" and "emails" (lol), in which he sent the police around just to ask "if it IS me to stop" (with zero evidence), he works for the MOD, so would hae ability to ask someone at work to "hack me" - it was all lies to get my anxiety stirred up - or - because he decided to stop talking to me due to family issues. he no longer has me to "guide hiim" - as every day he had a problem that needed MY help! and therefore is "old and lost" with his tech, without me... and I do NOT know how to hack!I Any advice is greatly appreciated thanks
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