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  1. Hello to all and sorry for the delay! Marcus,i'm sending with a pm the result of ESET Log collector. After following the guide linked by Asgaro (thank you for posting it), as i said NOD32 seems to not find the trojan anymore. After the attach, i was searching on internet something about this malwere,and find only two or three infos. If i search now, i'll have a lot of results about it. It seems a new trojan that have been generated in this days... Hope that all of us are safe now! Roberto
  2. Hello Marcos and thank you for the reply. I have a licensed version of Win 7 Professional 64bit, and this is my main work machine. I've followed some guides on this forum :hxxp://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/580248/eset-found-in-memory-a-variant-of-msilinjectoryt-trojan-and-its-trending/ After scanning the pc with Junkware removal tool, Hitman Pro, Rogue Killer and Kaspersky TDSS killer, Nod 32 doesn't see the trojan anymore. My question now is this: am i safe? Is Nod 32 able to solve this problem or i have to format my pc. This is a serious trojan and i'm not alone. I've found other pe
  3. Hello and sorry for my bad english. i'm italian. This morning i've recieved this message from NOD32: A variation of MSIL/Injector.YT trojan can't be deleted in operative memory. Type of object "FILE". Object "OPERATING MEMORY = mem_A50000_1376.dll" , "OPERATING MEMORY=mem_4660000_1376.dll". Action "Impossible to clean". I run NOD32 in italian. What i can do about it? Thank you so much in advice. Bests, Roberto
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