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  1. Hello to all and sorry for the delay! Marcus,i'm sending with a pm the result of ESET Log collector. After following the guide linked by Asgaro (thank you for posting it), as i said NOD32 seems to not find the trojan anymore. After the attach, i was searching on internet something about this malwere,and find only two or three infos. If i search now, i'll have a lot of results about it. It seems a new trojan that have been generated in this days... Hope that all of us are safe now! Roberto
  2. Hello Marcos and thank you for the reply. I have a licensed version of Win 7 Professional 64bit, and this is my main work machine. I've followed some guides on this forum :hxxp://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/580248/eset-found-in-memory-a-variant-of-msilinjectoryt-trojan-and-its-trending/ After scanning the pc with Junkware removal tool, Hitman Pro, Rogue Killer and Kaspersky TDSS killer, Nod 32 doesn't see the trojan anymore. My question now is this: am i safe? Is Nod 32 able to solve this problem or i have to format my pc. This is a serious trojan and i'm not alone. I've found other people with the same problem. At this moment all seems good but i'm not sure if the virus is gone or not. Thank you again for your time. Bests, Roberto
  3. Hello and sorry for my bad english. i'm italian. This morning i've recieved this message from NOD32: A variation of MSIL/Injector.YT trojan can't be deleted in operative memory. Type of object "FILE". Object "OPERATING MEMORY = mem_A50000_1376.dll" , "OPERATING MEMORY=mem_4660000_1376.dll". Action "Impossible to clean". I run NOD32 in italian. What i can do about it? Thank you so much in advice. Bests, Roberto
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