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  1. Planet -- Thank you SO much. Awesome, helpful info! God bless you. Craig
  2. SweX, Thank you for the link... I have updated my original post to clarify the cause of my concern. It recognizes my normal internet connection. But then it recognizes one I don't know (i.e. the awd10 or awdIO), and an address I don't know. And then it merges both addresses into my internet connection. And if I try to cancel, it continues to pop-up endlessly. Seems like bizarre behavior to me. I have a direct inquiry out to ESET now to see if they are the source of the awd10 connection. If not, it seems malicious.
  3. Very confused: When I install ESET Cyber Security Pro on each of my kids Macs, immediately after detecting our actual home network the following happens: - New Network Connection Detected. "You just connected to an unknown location. Please select a profile for this connection." - So, I confirm my current (not new) network connection name. It shows my current familiar network address. - Then it prompts me again with a New Network Connection detected. - It says, "Interface: awd10" I don't know what this is. - Below, under advanced settings it shows a Network of "fe80::/64" and above that a particular fe80... address. I am unfamiliar with this address. - Now, my normal network connection shows BOTH addresses, as if my internet connection might be routing 2 different directions. This appears really suspicious to me. I'm wondering if a malicious code is activating or running awd10. Does anyone else experience this? Is this a true part of ESET? (If so, it would be REALLY nice to be forewarned.) Thank you for any help! Craig
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