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  1. I already used this ESET cd on a laptop and it worked, but when i tried the same cd on my desktop computer what happens is that it loads the first screen, which is the ESET menu with many options. I then press enter on the first option (default) to run the scan, and then the windows goes black, with a cursor blinking on the top left, and the nothing happens...i waited like 20 to 30 minutes and nothing happens... Was it because i have win 7 64bit ? The computer is connected to a Sony Bravia TV, which has the native resolution of 1360 (or 1366 not sure now) x 768... Intel I7 3930 16 gb ram 3 ssd disks connected (one is a 1 TB from Crucial (M550) all drivers and bios updated Intel DX79TO mobo
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