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  1. Description: Integration of AD Support (user and computer groups) in ERAS to create simple different dynamic groups and policys
    Detail: With this feature it will be easy to manage different policy for example 3 groups for WWW (allowed // some sites allowed // all denied)
      or for USB controll (all allowed // some essets allowed // all denied)
      or for reports (special group of computers -> Software analysis)
      or some exclusion group for a policy
      Also this feature will improve the managment: I can create policys with different settings and AD groups and a "smaler" admin can change only in AD the members of the Group


    Description: changing filtering option in reports
    Detail: ATM you can use every filter only 1 time, please change this to create better reports
      For example i want to check new softwareinstallations for today but want to use some exclusions like "Microsoft" "Oracle" "Adobe" .... this is not possible with eras
      i do this over reading in the sql conntent of the eras db but i think over ERAS will be better ;)


    Description: adding reports output
    Detail: ATM you can only send by mail as attachment, it will be fine to include this optional as HTML content in the mail to read quicker the details.
      for example we have a report, when a new virus is found, if i see the infos directly i can quicker react to not cleaning cases.


    Description: better/more optional logging in the client (if you have problems)
    Detail: Actual it is not possible the log all scaning processes, we have problems to find some needed exclusions for our DPM process to backup the server.
      Eset scan something and interupt this process, so it will be fine to see what eset scan to exclude this easy.

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