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  1. Here we are near the end of 2017 and this is still an issue. For 3 plus years this Linux-based ERA deployment has been a nightmare. From 6.1 to 6.2, 6.2 to 6.3, and so on has never fixed this issue. Whoever made the decision to deploy this product is seriously in need of a career change.
  2. This product is garbage - beta software with no KB, no help, no support, and no response from ESET. We are decommissioning this pilot on 2 of our clients because of too many issues and super, super long hold times from ESET. Use version 5 - DO NOT deploy this ERA version.
  3. The ERA v6 OVA is not well designed. So far, we have "attempted" to deploy it at several clients. The product is very unpredictable, has no auto-update task feature, and is otherwise very slow and clunky. This product is really alpha software, not ready for deployment. Also, have you noticed that support is inundated with calls in the past several months? This is because this product is poorly documented and requires significant guesswork to deploy.
  4. The OVA sucks. Don't use it. It was rushed to market and is HIGHLY unpredictable. It fails to install, fails to join the domain, falls off the domain, throws MySQL errors, fails to initially configure properly, and, apparently, the staff at ESET doesn't really know the product either. This OVA should be considered alpha/beta software. Bite the bullet and install the server on a Windows Server. You will thank me later.
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