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  1. Thanks, that's a great help. I'll give it a try.
  2. I'm not clear how 'level of severity' comes into it. Surely an OS is either up to date or it is not?
  3. If I disable the OS reporitng in the agent, will the EES still report to the ERA if an OS is really out of date? I'm a little confused about the purpose of the agent. Is it the only thing that can talk to the ERA or does the ESS send data to the ERA directly? I still want to be told if an OS is REALLY out of date. If I disable this in the agent, will I still see this information in the ERA from the EES or I won't know? "This is probably just a misunderstanding of how ERA v6 work.". Well that is a fair comment, but it would be a lot easier of there was more documentation. A lot of how the agent, EES and ERA interreact is not clear at all from the documentation available. I hope you wil be adding to this.
  4. I have same experience. The ERA should show the same information as we see on the End Point Security if we are at the computer. But it does not. It shows OS out of date and other errors that dont exist on the workstations.
  5. I have beene working with ERA 6 for quite a while and I just cant get it to work. It presents the information, but it is all out of date. It tells me I have infections and out of date operating systems but when I check the computers they are fine and End Point is showing no problems. This is a completely useless product if it cannot give accurate information. Lookign at this forum it seems i am not alone. Are you plannign to fix this?
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