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  1. With Windows PE You can boot from any x64 pc where as sysrescue you are entirely dependent on the CSM. You can unlock bitlocker encrypted drives so the contents can be scanned. Both of the above are show stoppers not annoyances. I understand the convenience argument but this toy designed for consumers is now being flogged to enterprise users who will probably already have the AIK installed aswell as the SDK, RSAT etc etc etc. Its not fit for business. The only alternative ive found is to use Windows To Go which isn't cheap. Most, Not all and those that don't wont work with sysrescue live and would with a Windows PE based image. Some have no option but Secure Boot. its all up to the vendor.
  2. It is with great disappointment that I discovered that the sysrescue tool in ESET Endpoint Security has been removed and replaced with .lnk file to download a Linux boot cd. After applying the image to a usb drive and trying it on one of our computers my suspicions were confirmed there is no support for UFEI boot or Secure Boot, This is a huge step backwards from what we had before with Windows PE. All you needed to do was switch to Windows PE 5.1 X64 and 64Bit ESET like Active@ has done with their boot disk instead we cant even UFEI boot. Relaying on the Compatibility Support Module is not acceptable for business use, Not every computer has one and not every business has it enabled. We need a modern version of ESET Sysrescue that is based on WIndows PE 5.1 x64.
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