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  1. Source: hxxp://help.eset.com/era_admin/62/en-US/agent_live_installer.htm If you want to deploy ERA Agent using Agent Live Installer from your local shared folder without ESET Repository Download Server, follow these steps: 1. Edit the EraAgentOnlineInstaller.bat file (Windows) or EraAgentOnlineInstaller.sh script (Linux and Mac). 2. Change lines 28 and 30 to point to the correct local download files. For example: 3. Use your own URL (instead of the one shown below): 4. Edit line 80 to replace " ^& packageLocation ^& " with !url! 5. Save the file.
  2. Failed to save report to disk Task Name: Computer Problem Task Description: Task Type Generate Report Generate report options Report template: Computers with problems Send email: No Save to file: Yes File options Relative file path: C:\Users\Name\Desktop\%DATETIME% Save file if report is empty: Yes File print options Output format: DF Output language: English Page size: A4 Resolution (DPI): 150 Paper orientation:Portrait Color format:Color Margin units:Millimeter Margins: 15, 10, 10, 15 (Top, Left, Right, Bottom) Invoked by Triggers: Trigger Name Monthly Trigger Description Scheduled Trigger; Monthly; Repeat every 1 month(s) 1. Sun in month; starts: 2015 Jul 1 11:00:00; with no end; Local time; Invoke ASAP If Event Missed: Yes; Random Delay Interval: 0 second(s)
  3. Hi, I have a few question regarding to reporting style on ERA 6, - How can I get report by date interval / monthly - How can I export/save the report - How can I export Client list as HTML/TXT/CSV I wish ERA 6 continue reporting style as ERA 5, easy to manage
  4. You can export the cert but currently Eset don't have tool to restore the cert I'm still searching for solution to move 800 clients from ERA 6 to new ERA 6. What if the server or ERA corrupted / failed to on. It would be troublesome.
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