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  1. Dear Support, I have the following problem: "Web and Email protection is non-functional System extension required for Web and Email protection was not configured because of an error. Try to restart macOS or reinstall the product." Obviously, before spending my time writing here, I have already tried to follow the useless advice: - Try to restart macOS or reinstall the product. I have also spent more time reading other comments on the same issue without finding a solution. I don't want to lose more time, and I'm not going to send you any logs nor open a support ticket (privacy concerns). You still don't know how to provide a public solution, at least until now, even after months from the other previous comments with the same Security Risk. Anyway, I'm asking you to provide a public solution to this annoying issue without making me lose more time. I manage around 50 licenses. I hope you will not make me lose more time again. Best Regards
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