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  1. New OFFICIAL 10158 out and of course I can't activate it... The activation system in the older version's was MUCH BETTER.
  2. An MS employee yesterday spoke about a new possible public build (10134) so even if they fix it for 10130 there is still no guarantee it will work with newer builds. I think the new activation process is somehow tied to the HIPS module... And HIPS driver always had problems with newer builds/OS-es, but nobody cared because before 9 we were still able to use most of the features of ESS/EAV. Even Kaspersky works fine with newest preview, and they didn't care about beta OSes, in the past they even disabled the installation if they detected an unsupported or beta os...
  3. 1st issue: Try disabling SSL protocol filtering, I had the same issue, because it's apparently enabled by default with this beta build. 2nd: even if your product is activated you may want to change your license earlier before it expires, so I think that's not a problem... 3rd: That's a Windows issue, but yes it happens more often with the new Eset icon.
  4. It's disabled by default because HIPS module is also disabled/doesn't work with the newest W10 preview.
  5. There are no such options, only beta license. I even tried to copy the beta license from an XP virtual machine but didn't work on W10 the activation is completely broken on the current public build.
  6. By the way ESS8 worked fine with license on W10,
  7. I have the same problem also W10 X64 Preview . ESS 8 worked fine just the HIPS module had issues - but that's normal.
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