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  1. Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply. I finally figured it all out. Uninstalled both and then reinstalled the paid version off of ESET site All is squared away now Thanks again
  2. After having done some digging into my computer, I found out that only the Alpha personality was present in it, i.e. the Free Trial. I uninstalled it and reinstalled the Paid Version for which I had all the info. Long live screenshots. Still I think that ESET is more intrusive than protective. It still insists on deleting a certain file which is none of its business. And can't seem to exclude this file. ARGH Otherwise all is well or so I hope. Will keep said file on the backup.
  3. Long story short, I have accidentally ended up with a Free Trial and a Paid Version all on the same computer. I would love to get rid of the Free Trial that appears to have an Alpha personality. So I'm trying to copy & paste folders from a backup onto the computer. Out comes the Free Trial of ESET and blocks a folder. A totally legitimate folder! I did click to remember action but it keeps on sending warnings and attempting to block. And did block a few. This action comes outta the Free Trial and NOT the one that I paid for. Isn't that something. This is very annoying. I believe I have a full right to paste into my computer whatever I please. And this is no one's business, and much less ESET. And if I stated to remember action, it should do just that. It really shouldn't interfere with pasting my own folders as far as I am concerned. How do I delete the Free Trial while leaving the Paid Version intact? Glad I paid my subscription for one year only. After that, will be looking for the greener pastures. ?
  4. Hi, I am new to the forums and am having a problem. This morning had an online sale but was unable to print a label. After jumping through a dozen of hoop, called Lexmark who after having remotely connected to my computer, told me I have a virus. Oh well. I am bringing my laptop to a local shop, however all the ESET applications etc, is gone from the Downloads folder. I checked, and sure enough, my license is good until next year. BUT to my astonishment (and this is to put it nicely) everything that has to do with ESET, is gone from the downloads, except for the Installer. Can't run scans or anything else. So much for this morning. Can't do anything with the Installer as when I click on it, am getting a message that it's already installed. But can't run it. I am very disappointed. Any ideas are welcome.
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