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    peteyt received kudos from camelia in Network protection Fix notifications   
    Just wondering if in advanced you have some notifications disabled 
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    peteyt gave kudos to Marcos in DotNet MSIL / Injector.VGR   
    We've nailed it down. A legit tool was backdoored and loads a malicious dll with zero detection at VT which loads the following encrypted payload:

    I expect the detection to be available momentarily via streamed/pico updates.
    Also please confirm that you have enabled the LiveGrid Feedback system for maximum protection.
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    peteyt gave kudos to itman in HTML/ScrInject.B trojan but No issue in website   
    Note: It is not Eset's responsibility to help web site owners remove malware from their web sites. Recently, @Marcos has far exceeded what is required as an Eset moderator in assisting web site owners identify malware on their web sites.
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    peteyt gave kudos to Marcos in Dark Mode!   
    Dark mode should be supported by ESET Mobile Security soon.
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    peteyt gave kudos to Marcos in Eset Push Notification Service - problem when offline   
    ESET Push Notification Service has been used in business products for years already and now it's also leveraged by consumer products, to communicate with my.eset.com, Anti-Theft servers, licensing servers, etc.
    As mentioned above, in future versions it will be possible to disable the notifications when EPNS is not available.
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    peteyt received kudos from notimportant in Is it safe to install Lightroom Mod APK 2021 for Android?   
    I should add that anything that is cracked that appears safe, could be dangerous, even if not detected.
    The problem is that as these are from unoriginal sources, you never know what they have done to it e.g. included hidden extras. Cracks are often used for malware distribution 
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    peteyt gave kudos to notimportant in Is it safe to install Lightroom Mod APK 2021 for Android?   
    I dont think this is the right place to ask about "cracked" apk files 😬
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    peteyt received kudos from Peter Randziak in High use of Memory by ESET Internet Security   
    Eset do recommended people use pre release updates on non production computers. The reason is often they will release new versions for people to test, often fixing issues, and by multiple people using it they can test if it works and also if there are any compatibility issues
    E.g. they could release a pre release update to the main stable channel that could actually have issues but they weren't detected because not many people had used that version. Eset does have quality control, checks etc. But issues can happen, things missed etc.
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    peteyt gave kudos to Nightowl in Logins for 1.3 million Windows RDP servers collected from hacker market   
    I wonder why people open RDP to all , when sometimes it's companies that do that.. and even though you are opening it to all and still using a password like

    Running unpatched systems that are open to all with weak passwords, that is really bad.
    And if it had to be open to all , some products need to be used for protection , like an IPS or some NGFW and a looooong and complicated password is also needed , I wonder what kind of logic is this
    Firewalls are crying in the corner..
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    peteyt gave kudos to itman in Logins for 1.3 million Windows RDP servers collected from hacker market   
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    peteyt received kudos from Page42 in Unwanted marketing message   
    Have you previously backed up settings and then reinstalled eset and then loaded the backed up settings?
    I could be wrong @Marcos but if my memory serves me correct there was a problem with this setting in the past.
    It wasn't being properly backed up/restored. When someone backed up the setting and then loaded it it would show as disabled but the user  had to enable and then disable again  as it wasn't properly saved
    Just found the link I remembered. Not sure if it's any good or related 
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    peteyt received kudos from eitanc in 2FA for my.eset.com   
    I'd also like this - I use 2FA wherever possible and an extra layer of protection is always a good one. Could always have options to remember devices to if the user wants to
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    peteyt received kudos from tommy456 in Steam client causing Spam filter;Limited Direct Cloud connectivity.   
    I did get the same alert I believe yesterday and I believe it was at the same time I'd opened steam but it went off straight away. Haven't been able to reproduce as of yet though
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    peteyt gave kudos to Marcos in 2FA for my.eset.com   
    As far as I know, this was already requested and adding 2FA is on the to-do list.
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    peteyt gave kudos to Primordiarch in 2FA for my.eset.com   
    Please add 2FA feature on my.eset.com.
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    peteyt received kudos from Aryeh Goretsky in What is the difference between an original ESET license and a pirated ESET license?   
    One thing that happens on this forum is a lot of users post that their license has been flagged. This normally happens when someone or some site sells a license to more people than the license is designed for.
    What seems to happen is the seller will buy a license for 1 single user and resell it to multiple users but as the license is for one user eset's systems will automatically detect it is being used on multiple devices and block it. For this reason eset always recommends users buy directly from their website and not other sites Including the likes of Amazon and Ebay who have users selling things.
    In general a lot of software can be obtained illegally via cracks but this is very risky as cracks are a popular method for distributing malware. The problem is you don't know what they have added to the program 
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    peteyt received kudos from Prayer1 in YEARS Of Eset Internet Security, will I have to move on? HELP APPRECIATED!   
    As mentioned i don't use the password manager as I have a lifetime license with another one. You could always download a trial of the premium version and see if you prefer it. Same with eset mobile. I belive it can be purchased possibly through the play store but as a customer you could contact sales and maybe they'd be able to sort a deal with premium to.
    As for chrome as I mentioned last time best thing to do is download and give it a try and see if you prefer it over Firefox. Everyone has their own favourites and some people don't trust Google. At least by trying you can choose what works best for you
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    peteyt gave kudos to Nightowl in The Great Suspender extention is malware   
    Will be detected as this by ESET.
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    peteyt gave kudos to Peter Randziak in ARM64 version of ESET Home products BETA available   
    For anyone interested in trying ESET Home products for ARM64 platform - we have just launched a signup for it.
    You can find more details in the dedicated BETA forum section at https://forum.eset.com/topic/27256-arm64-home-products-beta-signup/
    ESET Endpoint products should be available within few weeks.
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    peteyt gave kudos to itman in Endpoint Prevention & Response (EPR) Test 2020   
    Eset gives you "the most bang for your bucks" in this category.
    Interesting to see how fast someone filled the void by NSS Labs demise which used to do like analysis for $$$$$:
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    peteyt received kudos from Aryeh Goretsky in suggestion for all eset products   
    The only UI change I wouldn't say no to and I've brought up before, is allowing some customisation e.g. when you right click the eset icon e.g. allowing for gamer mode or other frequently used options to be there.
    While off topic I've also been wondering lately if there would be a better way to troubleshoot eset issues. Currently when eset doesn't work and people post on here a mod will often ask to try and disable a certain feature and if that doesn't work possibly ask to disable something else. I was wondering if a kind of troubleshoot wizard could help where the user could use this and the wizard would try different things e.g. disable different things, and at least find a possible feature that is causing the issue although I don't know if this would work and probably be too complicated 
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    peteyt received kudos from Aryeh Goretsky in Cit0Day Breach   
    Just thought I'd share this. Troy Hunt via his Have I been pwned site has shared a large breach, which appears to be a collection of multiple breaches, collected together. He appears to have tested some, which appear correct, but due to the large size of the data he cannot confirm all. There's also the possibility that some are from previous known breaches, and he does note some of the websites involved no longer exist.
    It's also good to know the latest version of Eset with the version 2 password manager can notify you of breaches in regards to accounts you have saved on there. This is something I can see happening more and more.
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    peteyt gave kudos to Aryeh Goretsky in suggestion for all eset products   

    A dark mode option is in consideration for a subsequent release of the software, however, there is no specific time associated with the request. 

    Keep in mind that this type of change is not a matter of simply changing the background colors.  Color choices and design of icons and other imagery along UI components and even text layout (size, positioning, typeface choice, etc.).  All of these have to be carefully reviewed and, if needed, adjusted for compatibility as well as for any impact to the supportability of  the programs (for example, what happens when a blurry or low-res screenshot is sent in with a ticket).


    Aryeh Goretsky
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    peteyt received kudos from Aryeh Goretsky in suggestion for all eset products   
    Yes I agree. I have no issue with eset implanting a dark mode if they decide to. However I presume it wouldn't be as simple as it sounds. If it's something that would take a while I'd rather they used that time on the product itself rather than how it looked 
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    peteyt gave kudos to Marcos in ESET Smart Security Premium has limited direct cloud connectivity   
    Within 1-2 hours the LiveGrid communication module 1089 is going to be available on the pre-release update channel. Please select pre-release updates in the advanced update setup and let us know if the new module works for you.
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