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  1. Maybe disable a few settings and see if anything works e.g. as suggested with hips off does it work. This may help to identify which part of eset is causing the issue
  2. The problem as i see it is that as soon as Eset releases a fix a new insider build is released and changes break it again. In the past microsoft didnt have insider builds and developers had time to update software in time for big updates
  3. the topic you show me is old this is new topic stop show me old topic the problem is the ativirus with firewall have 0 protection for your network when some idiot,kid,noob,hacker etc sorry for language try to shut down your network this thing annoys me more and more company create weak firewall same with firewall windows come on this is no protection is 0 protection you must understand why you create same weak firewall when flood become nr 1 pff the antivirus It has job to stop virus but the firewall it have the job to stop hacker,dos or ddos attack or other types of attacks a firewall would have to work like this to have good protection for your network no like this firewall stop virus,spyware or malware etc this you can find on the internet for free why the firewall to have this protection is 0 for your pc soon years 2017 and company create weak firewall same with windows firewall this means 0 protection for your network pathetic As the earlier posts state, ddos attacks are not something home users will experience as it is something generally targeted at websites, servers etc. If you want DDOS protection for a server you will need a product that is designed for this, rather than a product that is aimed at home users. There are plenty of DDOS solutions out there, but they probably won't be cheap and even using them, you can never guarantee 100 percent safety
  4. Eset does include a network attack protection (IDS) option that is as far as I know ticked by default in the personal firewall settings.
  5. For a while Eset kept telling me I had lots of Windows driver updates that Windows update couldn't find. I discovered that finding these updates in the device manager and updating the driver from there fixed the problem, well apart from one. Eset tells me Windows is detecting an update for my Epson printer but the printer is up to date. I have checked all the printer devices in the device manager and they are all up to date. I'm not sure if the problem is anything to do with the fact I don't have a USB lead for the printer any more and can only connect it via WIFI. Does anyone know of any fixes for this or will I simply need to buy a new USB lead to update this one.
  6. I know this post is a little old but I just thought I'd add this is a performance test and so the lower the better. The graph is a little confusing as I can imagine some thinking the higher would mean the better security wise
  7. Description: Ability to enlarge windows especially for scan results Detail: After a scan is finished and the results are shown, asking users what actions to take, the window is very small and cannot be enlarged. If you have long file paths you have to drag the sliders around to see what actual file has been marked as infected. As the layout isn't saved each time you do a scan this has to be done. To make things easier, Eset should allow the window to be enlarged. By doing this, the window will be much larger and users should be able to read the information without having to change the sizes around. It should also have the ability to remember sizes.
  8. From what I've read online lots of security suites are having issues with multiple insider builds with most not really supporting them. From what I can gather the insider builds are basically betas, and because they aren't the final version will be unstable. It looks like it's more secure really to use the stable version. I could be wrong however and some may support it with basic functions, but don't be surprised if you have issues.
  9. Good idea, but I've done that. First had EIS 10 beta and tried to uninstall it, and it failed. The I used the ESET uninstaller, successfully uninstalled it, got back ESS 9 and when EIS 10 release came out, I've got it. And now I'm stuck with this problem. EDIT: I ran the ESET Uninstaller again and it only detects EIS 10 installed on the computer, so there's no issue with that. Did you remove eset 9 using the uninstall tool or just upgrade?
  10. If this behaviour remains I'd recommend making sure you run the Eset uninstaller tool. I've witnessed problems before when uninstalling seems to actually leave some traces that then leads to other issues. You can find the uninstaller at hxxp://support.eset.com/kb2289/?viewlocale=en_US
  11. The problem is knowing when they are outdated. For a while now eset had been telling me I had windows update and windows update was telling me I had no updates. What I actually had was driver updates and I had to go into device manager and go and update each one in there.
  12. I do like the fact Eset checks for Windows Updates. Sometimes it alerts you to driver updates that windows update doesn't find itself. Is there a way to check for updates within eset, as it seems to just alert you automatically. I would like a way to force a check if possible.
  13. Sorry for reopening this post but something else I forgot to mention is the very backwards firewall rule area. Normally as far as I can remember from previous programs I have used, the name in the application area is just the application. Eset adds ""Allow communication for ..." to the start of each application e.g. ""Allow communication for steam, Allow communication for Chrome" etc. This makes looking through the rules difficult and time consuming, not to mention the fact you also can't organise the rules by name and other ways. Yes there is a search feature if you're looking for a specific rule, but it still makes no sense to me why you can't organise the rules much simpler.
  14. And strange thing happened, when I tried to disable scanning of SSL/TLS it gives me error that I'm not allowed to do so, so to upgrade my Windows Insider build (14942) the only option for me was uninstall ESSP ( to do Windows Update. Weird it seemed to disable for me. Maybe report it to eset. I'm on the stable public version of Windows 10 buthe can't see why it would make any difference
  15. While I understand people like using different security products e.g. an antivirus by one company a firewall by another, adding another product to eset would in my opinion only add to the confusin some have with the product range.
  16. Have you looked in the firewall troubleshoot wizard? Can you confirm.it is eset causing the issue
  17. May be true , but each new version , while has some old bugs fixed will create new bugs which will be fixed in the next version, and so on.Antivirus protection is still based on signatures (I would say 99%). All other fancy things (added botnet protection, memory protection and others, banking protection, firewall troubleshoot wizard) are more fancy than useful... a normal user would never touch them and again a normal user most likely will never get an alarm other than signature related detection While signatures are important other technologies are needed these days to protect users from zero day vulnerabilities. A lot of eset features are not seen by the average users but work behind the scenes to protect users. Also while some features might not be used by the average users, eset needs to cater for both average and more advanced users
  18. I'd like to also add each new version has a few new features. 8 for example added botnet protection, memory protection and others, 9 banking protection, firewall troubleshoot wizard etc. It's not like they are just doing what some do and change the design making it look different to disguise the fact nothing has changed. Eset seems to bring new features, improved techniques and bug fixes with each neweek version
  19. Bit backwards then. I will try and email this to a member of staff. It just doesn't make sense in my opinion
  20. I have a few suggestions for Eset, Some I have brought up in the past but thought I'd share them. I have added screenshots to this post to help illustrate my points. 1) The scan results window needs a few improvements. (A) Firstly, the results only allow you to delete, clean or ignore specific threats. I can understand why this is done for viruses, but as the screenshot shows, it also does this for possible unwanted programs aka pups. The problem is with the ignore option - it only ignores once, meaning the next scan will also bring the same results. At least allow an always ignore option for PUPS. The problem is that some people may use a specific program that's classed as a PUP but need that program. The only way they can get the PUP ignored is to go into the advanced settings and set up an exception through there which is more time consuming and inexperienced users may struggle. (B) As you can see in the image, not all the information is readable because the window by default is very small and cannot for some reason be enlarged (There is no square in the top right corner). In my screenshot, to get to the specific files you have to go through a few folders meaning the file path is long. This means after every scan I have to drag the sliders about to find out the virus name, which file is being flagged etc. It would be so much easier just to be able to enlarge everything with one click. Basically a way to change the default windows size. I can't be the only one who has this issue with the design. 2) I would love a way to be able to change the options in quick lists menu accessed by right clicking the eset logo in the notification area. For example, being able to have access to the gamer mode from that menu would be handy to gamers. Also I regularly use the firewall troubleshooting wizard, so having access to that quickly would be a bonus. 3) In regards to the Firewall Troubleshooting Wizard, I feel it's slightly buried. I love the feature, because if something gets blocked automatically, rather than having to turn my firewall off, I can simply use the troubleshooter to find out what's getting blocked and unblock it. This is obviously a lot safer than simply disabling the firewall. I think it would make sense to actually have the troubleshooter on the home page, possibly under you are protected as there is a large amount of white space. The idea with this is someone without much knowledge who is having issues will open Eset and instantly see the troubleshooter part. In the screenshot I've pointed a possible location for this - it's very rough so looks bad but with the right designer could work great.
  21. Smart Security is available in v10, albeit only for those with an existing ESS license. See here for comparison: hxxp://support.eset.com/kb318/ Which only adds to the confusion. I can see why they did it but the naming is a bit odd. If they are getting rid of smart security for newer users it would probably be better renaming smart security to internet security premium to go alongside the standard internet security suite
  22. I'm just glad they got rid of the smart security version they had for version 10 - originally it appeared there would be nod32, internet security, smart security and smart security premium, with smart security just having one extra feature compared to internet security. I don't like when av's start bringing out too many versions as it can confuse the customer, and having that extra version they removed certainly would have done that. I don't think having internet and smart premium is too bad because the features in the premium are the kind of features only certain people would use. I use a desktop so don't really need anti theft and already have a sticky password premium lifetime license. I wouldn't have minded the encryption stuff but probably would have rarely used it. The only thing I can see annoying some is the fact the premium one has the anti theft which was included in smart security last time with internet security being smart security now.
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