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  1. Hello, Thank you again for replying to this thread. Can you please confirm that this is the case for our problem ? And if this is the case, when can we expect the fixed release ? Weeks, months, next year ? You see, the problem is this thread and I dare to say in this forum is the lack of information, discussion. How hard is it to write a reply like "we found the issue, it will be fixed in the next release" or "this is your(read client/end user) fault, fix the settings in config/x/y/z" or "we received the logs, the analyze will take X months, we will get back to you". I do not want the
  2. Hello, Thank you for replying. I sent the logs as requested in a PM on the 13th of September. No response yet... Thank you.
  3. Can you share your solution ? Maybe it's the same thing ?
  4. Hello, Thanks for the answer. We did not modify anything in the updates configuration. As I said, we always downloaded them from the ESET servers. This worked in v5 without any configuration. Do we need dual profiles in v6 if we only use the ESET servers ? Looking at the kb for v6 you provided the only difference I see between our config and the one from the example is in Settings -> Update -> HTTP Proxy -> Proxy mode. In our config is selected "Use global proxy server settings" and in the example it's "Do not use proxy server". Also I check in our Settings -> Update ->
  5. Hello, As the title says, we have PC's on remote sites, other cities etc. These PC's do not have access to the ERA server for extended periods of time. This can be weeks, months. Our company policy do not allow ports to be opened to outside. Version 5 had no issues to download updates from the internet, connected or not to ERA server. In fact we did not even set up an update mirror. We always downloaded the updates from the internet. Version 6 refuses to update. If we connect the PC in the same network with the ERA server then it works, the client is updated. Is this intended ? Or
  6. Hello, What is the best way to block youtube/facebook (for example) ? I have some sites blocked from the "Web Control Rules Editor" but my problem is that wildcards cannot be used in the rules. So if I block youtube.com, my users can still access youtube.co.uk or youtube.ZZZ where ZZZ can be any of the youtube domains in this case. Is there any way this can be achieved without entering the entire block of domains ? Thanks.
  7. Good stuff. I will report back after I have them. Thank you.
  8. Thanks for the answers. - in my previous response I forgot one essential word : "Both hotfixes said they are NOT applicable for my W7. This usually mean they are already installed." - about the software versions, I already did something similar but there should be a way to check this easier, prebuilt or something. Having software up2date is important these days. - about the memory dumps, give me details what you want, what settings, where etc. After we finish testing the current AV, I will install back ERA6. One more question : - does ESET have in mind to implement some kind of a
  9. Both hotfixes said they are applicable for my W7. This usually mean they are already installed.
  10. Does this work also for Windows 10 ? I was testing EAV v9 beta on W10 insider 10130 and had the same crashes during the night when the PC was in idle mode. About EP6, I will test this on a W7 PC. Thanks.
  11. Thank you for the answer, those questions were already answered by a forum member user. Good to know you are adding the file locations to more places. My questions still remain from the post #4, copy/paste : edit - from the 29th of May when the questions from above were asked, we installed the v6 on a few test workstations. We were getting constant Windows freezes/crashes after the PCs/notebooks were not used for several hours, especially during the night. So in the morning the PC was "dead". Nothing was logged in Event Viewer, no event. I was getting the same thing on my home PC wit
  12. Dear ESET, This is your official support forum. Does anyone read the business/enterprise section ? Do you really expect your clients to stay on this new "improved" version with no support ?
  13. I also need this. Anyone from ESET still alive on these forums ?
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