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  1. Great, i saw now, you have updated to 117. I can load now default setup... Very nice orange screen, did inform me, when i did come home, that i have to restart, for the new version. Thanks, for new version. I hope Scanner is now a bit faster...
  2. This could be due to empty cache after a clean install which takes some time to populate with cloud data as files are scanned. This is not a problem if you install over an older version and the local cache content is preserved. Would be cool, if someone uninstall the program, if it can let saved the Smart-Optimazion Data... (for example in Appdata folder) I mean that it doesn't need allways a first scan... If you make a request, in uninstall tool, to let Smartoptimization Data saved, would be nice. 2 hours first scan sucks... and with demo,,, i often installed new, until it run's well. For me Version 9 gives more secure feeling, cause of higher settings, but it needs much system power, until first 1 or 2 scan's finished... even i have a i7 quadcore processor
  3. I like the strong installer at no. 9.... Gives a good, safe feeling and is directly starting, when you have erased all further installations. Yeah, after programms are scanned, seem's there is less system impact... I'm awaiting, until country versions comming... If it will show some information's when Botnet 2.0 detections get new updates from Eset Servers, would be also nice...
  4. Hello, i think one of the advantages is, ESS 9 has a very strong installer, that couldn't be infected... It needs a bit time, until ESS9 is running fast. After 1 or 2 day's it's much faster, cause the data on you computer is than like trusted zone. The settings in ESS9 are much higher as in 8 and more modules are loaded. So give the developers a bit time, to optimize the program. It is only the first official beta version... it's your own fault when you are using it, on a system, where you need safe working and fastness.
  5. I had today, black screen's, while browsing.... Sometimes it hangs off, when i shut down windows. Also the scanner is sometimes slow... maybe he doesn't save scanned file's from "first scan". I don't know, if smart optimization than is working...
  6. Yeah, maybe it's a easteregg or speacial feature from the programmer's. The more often you install it, so faster it is. *joking*
  7. Hello Zfactor, yeah as you said, very strange thing. I have done now 3rd install... I know i'm crazy... but it's like a new Car. You will switch every button, but than you start thinking, that original Settings, of Eset Programmer's will be the best. I have a little bit optimized my pc, too. I switched defender completely off, killed a Cyberlink process in Startup and did a bit Hard Disk cleaning... Than i used again the tool in safe mode... and later, after some CCleaner Scan's(for lost registry entries) i installed ESS 9 Beta new... Now it's running so smoothly. I mean ESS 9 Beta, is a bit like ESS8 in maximum settings. But after finishing first scan, it run's well... After the procedure, i posted 2 post's ago, it really was fast and i had no SSL problems anymore. So ESS9 gives a safe, protected feeling. Running in maximum settings and still isn't to slow... Bye, have nice Saturday
  8. Hello, i used now the uninstalling tool, from other thread. https://forum.eset.com/topic/5041-unable-to-uninstall/ There have been 2 installations detected, when i was starting this tool in safe mode. I was wondering... Maybe some remains from #8 and now #9. So i had to erase 2 programm's. Than i installed ESS 9 Beta again, after CCleaner running, searching for "Eset" folder's on C:\ and delete them... Maybe it's now a bit faster.... Seem's browsing is a bit better now and SSL sites, from forum here are loading good. Make sure, that you really have a clean install.
  9. I think no, it's not faster... it's a beta Software.... Seem's after 45 oor 60 minutes it slowed down my internet connection.... when i had more Windows opened at chrome. Than i had to switch "Advanced Heuristics on file execution" off,,, that it was working general again.
  10. Or add on Homescreen, an pulsating Worldmap... that shows Eset live Grid connection. Some information about connection, and what latest threats that can defeat Live grid.... Edit: I made with paint a little example.
  11. Your beta is better running, than a general version from some romanian competitor(with a wolf in logo), that i tested in 2013...
  12. Hello dear Eset Team, everything is running well, after 2nd install and not so much switching around. Great product. I like the new green switches, which are showing if the modules are running or not. That's great and give a safe feeling... while computer using. After 2nd install, Hips wasn't starting undelayed. It needed first a reboot... But maybe it wasn't a clean install... i had prob's with uninstalling before... I have added a pic, with marking, what i like in new gui(maybe my english isn't the best): But background colour, look's bad for Windows 8... Maybe you should use grey, only for Tablet's.
  13. Thanks for this tip, Martin... I had yesterday problem's with uninstalling, too. I'm using Windows 8.0, it said something with, it couldn't delete or stop eset.krn... I sent a report at centercode.
  14. On Windows 8 here, it's running. Activation is automatically, until end of november. It works great... but please ad a bit more color, as backround... not only grey.
  15. Same here, I'm very curious, what will come with Number 9 of ESS.
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