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  1. What exactly is the nature of your complaint? The next major Win 10 update is scheduled for around November. Therefore MS distributing build 10525 over 10240 is out of the question. If you are interested in finding bugs on your testing machines, please share and be specific about how those bugs are manifesting themselves and what versions you're running. That is the whole idea of pre-release software: You test for malfunctions that you can fix or report, before shipping final versions. If you're looking for stability, I can recommend the latest official versions, 10240 + ESET v8, which are rock solid on my systems. Best, Ke
  2. Great news, thanks! Looking forward to testing those new installers. Cheers
  3. Really? What exactly made you change your mind? That's not reality, that's 1. way too rude for this forum, and 2. your personal opinion. What makes you think the newer ESET products are not light and effective? Do you have any numbers, such as benchmarks, and comparisons between versions and OS, to back up that statement? 1) New versions every year improves the product and I appreciate the new features. 2) The GUI has been consistently similar since Version 4 was released in 2009. What are your suggestions then, as to how to improve the interface? Tablet devices sales have risen dramatically and are close to surpassing PC sales. [1] You should expect more support tickets involving touch-based windows devices. With this reality in mind, it is necessary to optimize the interface for desktop and touch-based operation. Otherwise in the future, there could be complaints on this forum about the interface being old and hard to use with touch input. I'm sorry you've had this experience. However this is still a beta product under development. Can you share with us your ideas for improvement and which GUI views are bothering you? I've yet to read a single clearly stated suggestion from you. Again, be respectful. There is no need for lecturing people. Please share your list of suggestions so that we can discuss them accordingly.
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