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  1. Dear All, ERA 6.3 If we uninstall any agent via remote uninstall option in ERA 6.3, the agent gets uninstalled successfully on client end, but the entry still gets displayed in ERA 6.3 console (Computers list). If we are uninstalling any agent from ERA, then the entry also should get automatically removed from the ERA list. Do we have any workaround/solution for this issue, as it gets really confusing as if the agent has got really removed from endpoint or not? Regards Burhan
  2. Dear sir, Thanks for reply. I checked it in reports. WE can create a custom template, but i was more interested in getting notifications, as it is generated as soons the event occurs Pls consider it as suggested feature for 6.3
  3. Dear all, We want to configure email notification for device control in ERA 6.2 but we are unable to find it. Is it available in ERA 6.2 or not? In ERA 5.3, we have configured a notification whereby if a removable drive gets blocked an email notification gets generated, we want to config same in ERA 6.2 Regards
  4. This query is being raised by many of our customers. If the end user uninstalls the Eset Agent, it wont be connecting any more with the ERA.
  5. Dongle details : huawei mobile wifi ec315 -TATA PHOTON MAX Wi-Fi
  6. Dear All, We have 70 users EES 5.2 installed. Recently we purchased 25 tata usb dongles having hotspot facility. Upon connecting the usb dongle, automatically a page gets opened in browsers through which we can login to connect internet. But with EES 5.2 installed, the web page does not get opened. Then, we excluded the usb modem's ip address( in Protocol filtering exclusion list, so it got opened and internet got connected. But now, internet surfing is very slow. If we exclude the internet browsers from protocol filtering, it works fine. If we disable Protocol filtering completely, then also the problem gets solved. We have set the option of Eset firewall as "Only scan Application protocols", so i guess the rules of firewall does not matter. Other older dongles, broadband internet works fine with EES default options. The problem persists only with the new dongles having hotspot facility. Regards
  7. Thank you so much...this solved my issue..era 6.2 installed successfully
  8. yes, if we reconnect the pendrive to the system eset detects it in real time protection
  9. Dear sir, Pls chk the attached my.ini --C:\ProgramData\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.6 (my.ini renamed to .txt for upload purpose) No other my.ini file found in the system. Also the mysql service points to the above mentioned my.ini file only. What do you think, why mysql wont be updating the max value config parameter from my.ini file? We also changed it from workbench software, still same issue persists my.ini.txt
  10. Dear Sir, Please find the attached setup log file. We checked the config with Mysql workbench. I guess the config done with my.ini has been applied. (Pls chk the attached snapshot) We tried with different odbc drivers( 5.1, 5.2, 5.3)....same problem persists. We also tried installing ERA on Windows 8 64 bit, but same problem persists. Regards Burhan Server_x64.msi.log
  11. Dear all, We are trying to install ERA 6.2(latest setup) with mysql 5.6 but even though mysql gets setup fine along with odbc working well, we are unable to link eset with mysql. It shows the error "It is not possible to store big blocks of data..........." We check the said error on forums and performed the required changes in my.ini, {max_allowed_packet=33M}. We even tried to increase the value upto 10000, but even after restarting mysql services and system, it is still showing the same error(snapshot attached). We tried to install Eset ERA in 3 formatted systems having Windows xp, and Windows 2003 Server Advanced (32bit). Is ESET ERA 6.2 really compatible with mysql or not? Pls help if we are performing any mistake with the configuration part Regards Burhan
  12. Eset real time protection is detecting and deleting crack files from pendrives even if it is set in exclusion options of ESS. We have excluded the folder in which the said crack file is kept, also excluded the whole pendrive, as well as the specific exe file which is getting deleted. Same problem persists with version 8 as well as version 9. We have regenerated the issue with multiple crack/sample files. Sometimes the problem generates after replugging the pendrive several times in the system. Please note that the drive letter of the pendrive remains same after replugging. Kindly check the issue and provide solution.
  13. Why can't eset provide solution in normal scanning itself, just like any other antiviruses?
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