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  1. @Peter Randziak; Any idea if this issue is caused by the agent or the AV client? I upgraded to the latest version AV (6.6.800.1) yesterday and just got the same 'update in already in progress' warning pop-up just now.
  2. I'd recommend first making sure your DNS is working flawlessly and rule out it as the cause of the mismatches. Then verify you have the 'Rename Computers' server task configured to run periodically. Also, if computers are frequently renamed in AD, or happen to get disjoined and rejoined, this can cause issues, as well
  3. I'm going to guess that this (Scanning in progress) is a bug:
  4. What step is giving you trouble? Were you able to successfully deploy the agent via GPO to newly joined workstations?
  5. The OS X client does not have the option of idle state scanning like the Windows client does...
  6. A little fishy, right? And it was still scanning today when I came in, so it's been going almost a week. We don't scan network drives/shares and my local drive is not that large. The GUI still shows 'Scanning in progress' with '0' files scanned. I rebooted several times and both scheduled scans still show 'Scanning in progress'. The icon is not animated, so as far as I can tell it is not scanning presently. There's nothing logged under 'Events', either. It's empty. Anyone have any suggestions where to look to figure out 1) is it scanning currently, 2) what has it been scanning Also wondering if it is expected behavior to start a new scan if one is already running. Also, when/how often is the 'Scanned' count updated in the GUI? Only when the scan is completed or interrupted? Appreciate any insight.
  7. Full scan is scheduled for Wednesday afternoons. Typically it is still running days later. Today is no exception as it is Friday afternoon and has been running since Wednesday. The GUI gives no useful information. Apparently the scan from last week is still 'in progress', as is this weeks scan. But two days later it apparently still has scanned zero files. Where can I look to determine what's up with the scan?
  8. The error message randomly drops down from the ESET app icon in the OS X menu bar at the top of the screen then disappears in only a few seconds --unfortunately not enough time to grab a screenshot. Again, would be handy if the app logged errors by default and didn't have to have a separate application running to log errors...
  9. If your sync is configured for computers and groups, you should see your directory structure replicated within the ERA console. The Remote Admin port is still 2222, unless you manually changed it within the ERA console (under Admin > Server Settings > Connection)
  10. I've been running the latest RC for a week or so. Just got the "update already in progress" pop-up again, so does not appear to be fixed. And of course I was not logging at the time. I did find that a short logging session generated a 250MB file when zipped up. Hopefully it doesn't get larger than that after time.
  11. Under Client Tasks, when expanding individual tasks, there appears a list of every trigger that's occurred. Some of these are ongoing tasks and still needed. However, many are expired tasks. Is there a maintenance task, or other method to clean up the expired ones without having to click on each one, select delete, and confirm deletion? Thank you.
  12. The agent seems prone to corruption. There are a more than a few threads with similar findings/experience on both Windows and OS X. Assuming the issue is not firewall, the only fix we've found is to uninstall the agent via msi. You have to use a third-party product, as once the agent is broken ERA tasks are useless. Once the agent is uninstalled, you can redeploy using ERA console. Activation and AV install both rely on Internet connection, so verify that your endpoints have connectivity and aren't blocked.
  13. Unfortunately, it is a very random pop-up. It frequently goes days without appearing and I don't think my drive is large enough to collect logs for that duration. One would think that errors in the application would be logged natively without having to jump through hoops. While I do see log files under the ESET application folder, they are all .dat files and not readable. Is there anywhere else I can look that would have any useful information?
  14. I have to say that with the OS X client I feel like an unpaid Beta Tester... Rather than bang my head against the wall some more, I uninstalled and reinstalled the client which resolved the issue. Hopefully it does not turn into a recurring issue.
  15. Still getting this pop-up several times a week. Multiple times today. Any other suggestions?
  16. Getting a pop-up on a 10.12.6 endpoint. It says, "Unsupported macOS version. This ESET product does not support your current version of MacOS 10.12.6. The endpoint is running the latest version of both agent and AV (6.5.376.0 and 6.5.600.1, respectively). The GUI cannot be opened or manipulated, as this error continues to pop up. We're running v.6.5.600.1 successfully on later Mac OS's, including High Sierra/10.13 What gives with this error?
  17. If you're syncing with AD, you should see those systems without the Remote Agent installed. If you don't use GP to deploy the agent, you will have to deploy it manually via the ERA Console. Regarding RD Sensor; it only works on the subnet where it is installed, so you will need to deploy an RD Sensor on every subnet where you want to detect rogue clients. It's worth mentioning that RD Sensor Windows install relies on WinPcap, which is an abandoned project that has not been patched or updated in over 4 years.
  18. Doesn't seem like it --they appear correctly in DHCP and DNS. Plus, it shows the correct IP in the client details page, just not the main view in the ERA console. Sounds like it's a known issue, though, based on the post above...
  19. No, apparently the IP addresses appear in the ERA console after waiting quite some time. I'm not sure why such a long delay given the information is already available in the client details.
  20. My theory is this info is queried from DNS and not from the adapter, since the adapter details reflects the correct value. Can anyone confirm?
  21. ERA Server: 6.5.522.0 / ERA Web Console: 6.5.388.0 Typically in the web console, next to each host name the IP address of the computer is displayed. I have a number of systems with agent/av installed and checking in regularly (green checkmark), but the IP address is not displayed next to the Computer Name. If I add the IP Address column to ERA, that column is also blank. When I check the details of each client they typically have only one adapter and the IP address is listed correctly there. Why does the IP address not show in the ERA console columns? How do I get it to appear correctly?
  22. FWIW, we're seeing this issue (product is installed but it is not running) on systems that have been upgraded to High Sierra until the user OK's the ESET plug-in.
  23. SQL default backup location is typically C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\%InstanceName%\MSSQL\Backup where %InstanceName% is the specific to your environment. You can always replace 'BACKUPFILE' with an explicit path (e.g. C:\backup\backupfile.bak) or add a file extension (e.g. BACKUPFILE.bak) and search for *.bak. HTH
  24. @MartinK - Thanks for that, somehow I missed that post
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