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  1. I'm trying to create a dynamic group of workstations that are 1) presently online, and 2) have the Agent installed, and 3) do not have Antivirus installed. Unfortunately, I'm not finding the logic for this in the expression builder. Can anyone offer any suggestions how to most effectively locate online systems that need AV installed? Thank you.
  2. I'm finding the same issue with a new/clean install of the latest version of RA on a fresh 2012 R2 build. It was running without issues for almost a full month, but now I've had to restart the proxy service each of the last two days after clients stop updating.
  3. I opened a support case for this issue. It turns out that despite a reboot of the server running ESET RA, the Apache Proxy service was still borked. Support restarted the service and everything started updating again. However, today I found the same issue and had to restart the service again. It appears to be running, but apparently isn't working correctly. Really would like to know what is causing it to fail.
  4. Latest version of RA 6. Everything was working fine until a few days ago when clients were no longer able to communicate with the server. I rebooted the RA server and clients could all connect again. However, the RA server does not appear to be pulling signature updates. Can someone tell me 1) where to check the signature version on the RA server, and 2) how to force it to pull a new signature. I've checked the log files and can't tell why it is not updating, so any suggestions what to check would be helpful. Thank you.
  5. This is a new/clean install on a fresh server. I've run it up with the basic/default settings and am now attempting to push the agent so we can manage the clients. I haven't created any installers, as we intend to use push install, only.
  6. I'm having the exact issue on a clean install of 6.1.437.0 (https://forum.eset.com/topic/4994-remote-agent-push-fails-on-windows-and-os-x/) Please post if you get any helpful tips.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I'm still not having any luck. Local firewalls are down, nothing is blocked outbound. Been through all the troubleshooting steps and get the same error for both OS X and Windows: "Package not found in repository" Any help would be appreciated. If we can't get the agent installed, we'll move on to another product.
  8. One other piece... documents say "Link to the repository is incorrect - In ERA Web Console, navigate to Admin > Server Settings, click Advanced settings > Repository and make sure the URL of the repository is correct." But it does not say what the correct URL is. It is currently set to 'Autoselect'.
  9. Thanks for the reply. This was a stupid error on my part and I've made it to the next hurdle: The agent install attempts to run, but then errors with "Package not found in repository". Indeed, the repository is empty. However, it is not intuitive how to populate the repository with agents, etc. Internet connection is fine on the server. This is a default installation on a Windows 2012 R2 64-bit server.
  10. I've been through the checklists and troubleshooting guide and everything is configured accordingly. When I try to push an agent (via Computers > Groups > Add new), nothing happens after I click 'OK' --there's no error, no progress indicator, nothing. I've waited quite some time and the only option is to click 'Cancel'. I haven't been able to locate any logs or other information to determine what the problem is. I get the same results for Mac or Windows clients whether I use name or IP. Any assistance is appreciated.
  11. I've installed the v.6 Demo and am attempting to get it running. I'be been through the push agent troubleshooting doc and everything is in order -service running as Domain Admin, DNS working, shares accessible, firewall disabled on server, etc. etc. I go to Computers > Groups > Lost & Found, click 'Add New...' and type the client name (mac or windows) or IP address, then '"+ Add Device', then 'Add'. Nothing happens. After waiting forever, my only option is to click 'Cancel' The console gives absolutely no feedback; no error message, no progress indicator, nothing. What else can I check? I haven't figured out where the logs go to try to troubleshoot. Can anyone tell me where logs are located? Thank you.
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