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  1. Hi ESET, I have been forced to re write this post as my previous post was closed before I had the chance to answer, also the post I made around 20 minutes ago was also deleted. " The software in question is not detected as malware (ie. virus, trojan, etc.) but as a potentially unwanted application (PUA). The software was analyzed in ESET's malware research lab and was found to meet criteria for PUA detection. Detection of PUA is fully optional, and it's up to the user if they want to opt for detection or not. Even with PUA detection enabled, the user can exclude the application from scanning so that it's not detected. Having said that, we'll draw this thread to a close." As mentioned by Marcos It is detected as a PUA now if you do a scan on virustotal for any of sites, including our homepage you will find that only ESET blocks this with the term "Malware site" ESET has also blocked our IP so nobody who has purchased our software can use it. This is a very urgent matter as we are getting hundreds of emails from our paying customers wanting to use the software. I would also like to ask is there any reason that we are receiving a different treatment to anyone else? What I mean by this statement is when ever we open a post it is closed with an answer that doesn't allow me to respond, and I noticed this doesn't happen to anyone else. I also noticed that when I posted in another topic, I was told to stop stealing threads, which can be seen here. https://forum.eset.com/topic/271-my-website-is-blocked-by-smart-security/#entry1051 I then took a look at a thread posted earlier this month, and noticed people were getting serious answers and not being told to stop "hijacking threads" but got actual answers from ESET moderators. The example can be seen in the link below. https://forum.eset.com/topic/250-eset-has-blocked-my-site-what-to-do/ All I am trying to get done is for ESET to remove the IP block on its servers and actually block individual sites that they have a problem with (if there are any we will get them fixed straight away) I pleed with ESET to provide any assistance with this and to provide any information that can assist us in fixing the issue. We have sent over 50 emails to samples@eset.com and I know there is no response but they are for URLs that are clearly safe such as our home page, buy page, etc. This can be seen on virustotals scan. You will see that only ESET has us blocked on more than 15 links. I hope we can get this fixed ASAP and thank you for taking the time to respond to my post. I would also like to apologize to the ESET moderators for any confusion or anything that WhiteSmoke has done to create such any form of "hate" by them. Once again, thank you, WhiteSmoke Inc.
  2. I apolgize Marcos, I will create a new one you can delete my posts in this thread. Also Marcus I wasn't answered regrading the martter of whitesmoke website being blocked only the software being blocked.
  3. Thank you mceisel for your fast response although the only reason I am writing here is because of the urgency of this matter most of our clients use ESET which I even highly recommend to everyone although our site is blocked so they can't use our software. I have emailed the labs on many occosations although haven't ever gotten an answer I have also does scans on the site from many different anti malware sites and ESET is one of the only ones blocking the site. I understand you can't give me a full answer regarding why I would just love any advice I can get to get this unblocked and if there is a problem on the site I really would like to know what so we can fix it. thank you David Jones
  4. I am also currently having the same problem with our website we have done all kinds of scans to make sure it is 100% safe if anyone at ESET or any security specialist can assist me please with finding out why the website www.whitesmoke.com is blocked not any other site. It is a 100% safe software which is marked by ESET as a PUA which isn't the problem as I hope they will remove it one day although I pleed for any help in assisting me getting the website unblocked and will perform any steps required for ESET to do so. Also if any feedback as to why the site is blocked I would love any help. We have also submitted the website for a false positive although no answer was given. many thanks David Jones
  5. as mentioned above we have spoken to almost every AV and they have regarded it as a false postive the reason you can't access it is because ESET blocked whitesmoke thus the reason for this post. If you check us out on Virustotal.com you will see that no other comapny has us blocked only ESET and I can assure everything that there is no malware within the software. hope to get this sorted soon. David Jones
  6. I don't want to sell the software here as that isn't the idea although it is a full proof reading software that corrects your Grammar, spelling and puncuation to a very advanced level.
  7. Hi, My name is David Jones I have been trying for over 1 year to get the WhiteSmoke software approved with ESET as it is a False Postive, I have emailed the labs many times with everything they require but never seem to get any answer. I have scanned the software on Virustotal.com https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/f57a29cfe6bcc76cacc36916a4d7f1a6feeba772026627afdd8e010f828e82d8/analysis/1369692107/ It comes up with only ESET as blocking it, Please can the software be approved as ESET has blocked the application servers and website. I can assure you we are trusted company (Etruste) and there is no virus or anything that is installed without the users permission. i do understand this might not be the right place to post this but I plead with ESET to give us an answer on anything we can do to get this unblocked. Please let me know if you require anything. I really hope we can move forward as I know ESET is a trusted name in the Anti Virus industry. Many thanks David Jones
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