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  1. Your renewal price will vary depending on your country of renewal. Your profile shows Zimbabwe, so contact a local ESET partner for your renewal, which then depends on products, quantity and the length of renewal you wish to purchase.
  2. if this build is installed over a 7.0.2100.4 linked to an ESET Direct Endpoint Management system - will the agent still report in/be controlled by the DEM?
  3. the partner page is useless - no US partners listed, no canadian partners listed. ESET now attempts to take business direct rather than pass to partners.
  4. JohnO - send Marcos your details in a private message through the forum. There is no need to post it publicly and I agree that posting them in the forum is not the right thing to do, I'm sure Marcos meant via Private Message. Marcos is ESET staff and has been for many years (as long as I can remember, and we have been an ESET partner for 13+ years).
  5. Hrolf, I'm not sure what region you're in - we're an ESET Partner in the US/Canada region and we're doing the upgrades as a renewal of ESET Smart Security Premium - what we're still trying to get clarified is how to price multiple licenses. The price lists only contain pricing on single computers (1 & 2 year options)
  6. a reseller should be able to help you RENEW + UPGRADE - ie, upgrade to ESSH + add 1 year (or 2)
  7. google for the "slim" version - ie, "defragglr slim" or "ccleaner slim" - that version of the installer does not have the toolbar, and will not be detected by ESET as a Potentially Unwanted Application or PUA.
  8. When can we expect a product that will protect Surface tablets running Windows RT? Customers with business licenses are asking and they are actively being told by Microsoft to get CA antivirus - as they're currently ESET users for their endpoint systems, they want to use ESET protection throughout the organization - even it is is the "home" version (they said). thank you
  9. unarcher, you should talk to your reseller - I know that as our customers came up for renewal, we were explaining the difference between endpoint protection and the server versions for at least the last 2 years - this isn't something that just appeared in the last few weeks. There have been a number of customers who said they either had no servers, or that they didn't want to change their licensing, who have later come back and added a server or two. The customers who appeared most resistant to the changes have been the smaller businesses - but to offset the problems, we were offering free cross-grades to server licenses - ie, convert 1 or 2 of the current license to WFS licensing for free - this free cross-grade period has now ended, but the difference in cost between a WFS license and an endpoint license is quite minor (at least in the US). The ESET server protection products are DEFINITELY what you want to be running on the servers - not a program optimized for an endpoint system.
  10. I should also note that we actively reduce the cache size for many programs - like Java (if installed) - the default allowable to these programs is ridiculously large - MS Explorer and Java are two particularly bad programs in this respect - although firefox can also grab some large amounts of disk for temporary files. If you decide you want to clear out firefox temp files, you might script a batch file to run in the middle of the night - first kill off all firefox.exe files : taskkill /IM Firefox.exe /F then run the ccleaner program. Firefox may open up in the "Oh, that's embarrasing" mode - possibly not after a run of cccleaner though.
  11. I have noticed even on dual-core machines that updates from ESET which trigger scans again are noticable - if these are even older (say pentium based) machines then the scans that are triggered are even more noticable. One of the things I do on older machines is to install a junk cleaner program, such as cCleaner - I can schedule cleanups to reduce the number of windows/browser temporary files, which in turn reduces the amount of junk that ESET needs to scan. I use the ESET scheduler to setup tasks to fire up cCleaner - Scheduler | Run external program | middle of the night (or any other schedule) | C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe | /AUTO Now this won't clear temp files from RUNNING browsers - but once you get a baseline cleaned up machine, the less that ESET is scanning after system updates, the less noticable the system impact is.... every little helps. The other suggestions about ensuring that your machines are not scanning their network shares etc are all valid also - scan those files only on the machines which they are local to!
  12. I have noticed that while Bing bar and bing desktop were previously hidden in my updates, microsoft may have updated these two "windows updates" - and they appeared again in my windows updates - this is nothing to with ESET in my opinion, but rather because Microsoft decided to push these updates out to users again.
  13. with the business edition, you create a local mirror - you can then copy the mirror files to a USB device, and use local paths or UNC network paths: hxxp://download.eset.com/manuals/ESET_ERA_User_Guide_EN.pdf It's been a long time since I did it this way for a client, but I recall we created a folder called c:\eset_mirror\ - copied the files from the mirror computer which did have access onto a thumb-drive, then copied that folder onto the offline machine, fired up update on the offline machine after pointing the update folder to c:\eset_mirror and the machine updated.... caveat - I haven't used this method in a couple of years though.
  14. you can use the ESET scheduler to run ccleaner in auto mode before your scheduled scan...
  15. I'm curious what office config is negatively impacted by Eset SS? Is it this silyl Q drive setup that causes issues with our backup solution?
  16. If I was in your situation here is what I would do: - I would turn on potentially unwanted and potentially malicious - do a full scan. - I'd also get malwarebytes on the machine and do a full scan with that as well.
  17. this sounds like some kind of adware issue - have you seen this on any other sites apart from ebay?
  18. This all depends on your settings for the scan which finds the threat. Was the threat found in a realtime scan - the httpd module - a scheduled scan?
  19. yes, you can buy a v2.7 boxed version- activate it to get a Username + Password - then that U+P can be used to download, run and use v6. The key here is whether the activate code will actually activate. Assuming it does, you're golden - if it does not, what is your fallback position? Chargeback? Are they a reputable vendor? Sometimes things which seem too good to be true - are!
  20. silly question perhaps - but have you run the windows update that was root certificate related? (I believe these are optional updates - although I don't think they should be).
  21. as PodrskaNORT noted - if you have the latest version, you don't need to do anything - except check that your username + password are correct - if you renewed with a reseller like us, or with ESET - the username + password will probably remain the same - within a short time period, the license is extended by the 1 or 2 years you purchased on your renewal - and there is nothing to do. However, if you switched product (say ESET Antivirus to ESET Smart Security) - then you generally get a NEW username + password - which you will get from ESET in an email - and we generally send out a personalized email as well to all customers. If you haven't had the email - check your junk folder - in case it was filtered incorrectly. Every once in a while we get people who place renewals online - and the buy the wrong renewal - when that happens, we have to email them and ask them if they meant to change - and sometimes there is a difference to be paid - ie, you cannot just renew ESET Smart Security into ESET Antivirus - and buying the wrong renewal is the biggest cause of delays we see issuing renewal licenses. Customers then seem to think it's our fault that they bought the wrong renewal... which we don't really think is accurate or fair - but we're all working to ensure it's quick and easy to renew the license - it helps to know what you have and what you want to renew - if they're the same, it is quick and easy - if they are different, allow a few days to get the changes made. hth
  22. Is it a laptop whereby you could take the machine to say, a coffee-shop with a better connection? The update files are normally small - but once in a while we see large files - it might also be that you're hitting a server with a high load, or latency between you and the update server - you could try again in a short while and the file might be faster....
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