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  1. So, it was the anti-theft. After going deeper in the settings menu I found the "Max failed unlock attempts" and "Time for correction" settings. Those two combine are doing this. The only thing that i'm baffled about is not receiving any emails (not even in SPAM folder) for this attempts and there is no pictures saved localy (even if this setting is ON). So without the cloud app i had not noticed. Maybe this is normal, maybe not. But if it's not, some other users can have the same problem and not even know when someone is trying to sniff in their phone Thank you!
  2. I can't be 100% positive, but all started when i activated anti theft. I don't have any double pictures taken before that. The cloud account is older. And i have eset antivirus on, i assume that i don't have any unwanted program installed. And is an unrooted device, if it matters in any way. Thank you!
  3. Today i was using my android device and saw that my cloud app was trying to upload 2 pictures. i've entered in my gallery and saw two pictures, one taken with front camera, one with the back one. After a few seconds they dissapear from the gallery. I was courious and enter in my cloud account and saw that almost every day i had two pictures taken with both cameras. I never lost my device, never activate the "lost device" function, but, yes, maybe i entered the wrong pattern on the lock screen now and then, but never locked it for wrong pattern. Is this the reason why my device is taking pict
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