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  1. All seems to be running good now. I will attempt to upgrade to 6.4 in the morning. Thank you again. I also restarted the Apache Tomcat service after restarting the ERA Server service.
  2. I planned on upgrading to ver.6.4, that was the reason behind the component upgrade. After the component upgrade I was not able to create any task to continue. I thinking ERA itself chose 6.3 or got hung up somewhere. I will let you know if any other problems occur. Thank you for the link. Just to clarify the Tomcat service is the apache tomcat.
  3. After upgrading ESET Remote Administrator components via the ERA console. I get "Failed to load data: Internal report error." displayed in the middle of my screen when I try to set a task. It appears on all task categorizes in both client and server tasks. I found a KB article stating the ERA Server and Web Console have to be the same version for a similar but different error. Right now, I am running ERA Server ver. and ERA Web Console ver. It looks like the Web Console upgraded but the server did not. Do I have to manually upgrade the server and will it require a restart
  4. OK updated to EFSW6.3 did not help. @Gonzalo I have been to both links neither helped. However the Second did allow me to confirm all servers up and running due to being able to ping them @Marcos Yes I get the xml code in IE on the server
  5. I have EFSW 6.0 installed on 4 svr2008r2 servers with licenses that are ready to be renewed. I have renewed my licenses with Eset and 3/4 have activated\update successfully. The last server (primary DC) will not activate. ELA states that I have 4/5 active seats as expected. I synced the license in ERA 6 before pushing it to all servers which reports that the DC failed to activate with trace message "Task failed in the security product." I try to activate the EFSW via entering the license key into the program itself and I receive error stating that the activation server cannot be reached an
  6. Hello all, I have a couple pc's that are reporting possible threats (PUA) in ERA Web Console 6.2. I ran an on-demand scan with strict cleaning. Is there a way to retrieve a scan log from a specific pc in my network through ERA Web Console without having to physically go to each pc to view the log? I have looked in the reports section in ERA Web Console and have not found any scan logs. Thanks, Mike
  7. Here is the ERA 6 user guide. I followed the steps in that and have successfully installed about 100 agents in small groups with the server assisted cert. My logs show that it uses SSH to install the agents.
  8. Jim, That's great news. Thank you,
  9. Does the Working Directory field have to completed in order for the task to run, or is it OK to run the command without it? So far, my test commands (shutdown /r /t 30) have not completed on my test box. Is there something I am missing? I lengthened the trigger this time to verify the agent gets the update. My summary is attached. Thanks
  10. I installed the ESET Remote Administrator in full on svr 2008 r2 before changing the PC name. Now the ESET Remote Administrator Web Console will not connect to the dashboard. Anyone have any insight? I have a screen shot of the error attached. If anything else is needed let me know.
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