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  1. I have the exact same issue with multiple FQDNs showing up in the system. I need a resolution and not deleting out every machine and then removing them to static groups every time even with AD sync they don't move properly.
  2. This worked. I hope this finishes pulling in my clients from our old domain and and resolves them to name rather that IP. This helped so much.
  3. I am not familiar enough with linux to know how I need to modify the krb5.conf to include additional details. I also haven't been able to find anything that is really clear. Can you provide some additional details? I was able to resolve my issue with services and tasks failure by just rebuilding the box. Right now I see the agents are discovering all my machines in the correct domain and my other domain in my subnet. I need to be able to import though from my other domain and manage them through the console on the appliance. I believe once I update the krb5.conf I should be fine but I need to know how to do that....
  4. I am in the process of deploying 6.x. I like some of it and hate other parts of it. Such as not being able to search for groups by typing the name in and it doing a lookup. I also have multiple domains and it appears to be if I use the Virtual Appliance I will be unable to configure those machines and add sync tasks as it won't connect to the other domains when I try and do a lookup. Also, it seems once I get it joined to one domain and the sync job runs it stops working after the first time. This also occurred on a Windows Build. Anyone else having this trouble? I know a lot of people are not liking the new version and I am having some reservations about upgrading it. I have to deploy this to 6,000+ machines and utilizing the all the virtual appliances is awesome but I can't get the ERA to work properly. Also, kind of upsetting I can't import over all my existing policies. I need some assistance as some of the documentation is terrible and setting up a policy for proxy is confusing between the Proxy client (mirror on virtual appliance) compared to proxy for internet access. I also read about agent-less for Virtual Infrastructure and using the virtual appliance and local shared cache to scan the VMs so you just put it on the host? I can't find anything about it. Sounds like Trend Micro's deep security where you put an agent on the host and it will scan the guests for you. I can't find anything on this either. Anyone have some thoughts?
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