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  1. Hi, So at this point I'm very frustrated. ESET is at a point of not working after no matter how many restarts of the PC or how many reinstall tries. I'm so frustrated I dont even want to explain why such a ridiculous thing that is happening so I will type in steps: 1. After a few days on, the PC gets restarted 2. Try to run GTA5 on PC. No dice 3. Notice ESET is OFF 4. Restart PC again 5. ESET responds but cannot scan, cannot reenter activation, cannot do a single thing 6. Redownload ESET. No dice. Says something "cool" like cannot run, please restart and download again. 7. Step 6 done. Nothing changes. 8. Try to manually uninstall ESET. No uninstall icon in the folder & uninstall icon in startup has no function. 9. Restart PC 10. Redownload ESET and try again. FAILED. Same cool story. 11. Scour the internet for solutions. Nothing helpful. NO software removal tool made can find ESET installed. No possible way to remove, no possible way to repair, no way to reinstall. Do I seriously have to reformat JUST to get ESET to protect my PC again? Thanks for reading. Hope there is an actual person that can help and not tell me to uninstall and redownload. Oh and to not forget to restart my PC of course.
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