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  1. Thanks @itman and @Marcos for your suggestions. Will try each one of them. And this is why i had been a user of ESET products since the version 2. 0 Reliability and Quality of support. 😎🙏👌
  2. @Marcos @peteytIt seems the problem has resolved for now. But still i need to block the "Host process for windows" services when ever the pc gets connected to internet. Meanwhile i removed EIS and installed Kaspersky Internet security. And in when i blocked all microsoft services from connecting to the internet the problem became even worse. Even Google chrome and Firefox couldn't connect to the internet (they were allowed in the firewall settings). Atleast this doesn't happen with ESET.😊
  3. This is the notification that gets displayed repeatedly.
  4. Dear Eset, I have set the firewall to interactive mode and blocked most of the apps from using the Internet. The Host Process for windows services is using a lot of my Internet Bandwidth and as a result my daily limit depletes in a few mins and im left with no bandwidth. Even if i blocked the "host process for windows services " with create rule and remember eset is displaying the same firewall notification frequently. I need to block that process completely from using my Internet. Please guide me.
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