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  1. But if we're deploying through SCCM or GPO then we are using a downloaded MSI, or even the EraAgentInstaller.bat file. I see that the bat file simply links to '6.1.365.0/Agent_x64.msi' on the ESET Repository, when 6.2 is released then the version we are pushing out with that script will be out-dated. Is the best practice right now to just be aware of ESET's releases and download the newest MSI from their repo or is there a better way?
  2. We're trialing Endpoint AV and ERA (on Sophos right now). I've read about deploying through GPO or SCCM (which we do now on Sophos) but this requires downloading an MSI from ESET. The problem being after a month that MSI will likely be outdated, is there an easy way to script the endpoint install so it always pulls the latest MSI from ESET? Or is the best practice to simply deploy from the ERA web console all the time?
  3. I too experienced this same issue, thanks for figuring out the cause as we are demoing this software before purchase and it looked like a rocky start Disabling the plugin lets me login but I'm not sure why it's causing issues to start, first time I've encountered an issue like that. I've started a thread on Agilebit's forum to see if they know: https://discussions.agilebits.com/discussion/40410/1password-extension-wont-log-in-properly-on-eset-remote-admin-console
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