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  1. 23 hours ago, peteyt said:

    Did you check the firewall troubleshooter wizard?

    Not at that moment (had no idea it's there and now it's empty) but it could be step in good direction (thanks for pointing me to it).

    So I would change my FR to troubleshooter wizard to include all other rules and settings changes and allow longer time periods for filtering (at least up to a week - some changes might take time to be noticed).

  2. Description: Searchable list of recent changes
    Detail: Provide us with list of all recent changes in rules / settings, so we can find what we broke and correct it. Selected item could open in it's real location (i.e. recently added firewall rule will open in firewall settings, selected).

    Why: While installing new GeForce Experience I miss-clicked application change dialog, effectively blocking it. And I couldn't find, where the rule was. It wasn't on the firewall list, adding it there in learning mode didn't helped,... while disabling firewall made application working. Only through interactive mode I was able to resolve it. I would like way more control over the process by having all those changes in one place.

  3. Description: Display last 5 log messags on hover on Eset's icon

    Detail: As related to comment before, I would like to know what's going on with antivirus. So instead of just displaying product version when I hover on it's icon in taskbar, I would like to also see last 5 messages from logfiles (maybe configurable which ones - source, priority,... - or how many of them) there.

    So that I know what's going on - maintenance, scanning, defending Hamás cyberattack,...

  4. Description: Lower priority for maintenance tasks

    Detail: Several times a day while playing game (DarkSouls 1 on Steam if it matters) game gets very laggy and drops to 1 frame per few seconds. When I explore task explorer for what's going on, it's ekrn.exe fully utilizing cpu.

    Searching trough it's logs I find out it was regular database update. No defending my computer against ongoing attack, but just regular maintenance. Those should be run on lowest priority possible to not interfere with computer operation...

  5. I would liek to be able to sort, filter, resize, export to text,... pretty much any table that Eset GUI uses. It causes me almost physical pain to use them currently with reflexes forcing me to avoid touching that at almost all costs. That might be cool way to prevent users from messing with app, but terrible for finding / verifying / reporting any apps misbehaviour.

    Firewall rules being best example of terrible UX. Please hire UX specialist and fix that.

  6. Blizzards games are updated frequently, with every new version getting it's new directory, for example:



    as you can imagine, this popups dialogs asking whetever permit or deny change to file / network connections. Is there some way I could allow the games more... universaly?


    either by directory


    or with regular expression


    or anything else?

  7. Description: Directory / RegExp based rules for applications
    Detail: Games from Blizzard enjoy providing executable in directories with their versions numbers in path. That makes ESET popup window asking to allow Battle.net Update Agent (and game specific executables) to connect to internet just everytime, they update them. And they update them frequently. For Diablo3 I got like 50 firewall rules (49 being obsolete, btw). So I would like to be able to say


    are OK, or...


    are OK, instead of 50 individual rules like


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