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  1. Thank you for quick response! I've just check and it's working It is a little bit confusing when you create a new "Security Management Center components upgrade" task and see: "ESET Security Management Center Server; version 7.2.1278.0 for windows (WINDOWS)". Netiher version isn't right nor system, but when it's running it knows what to do So thanks again 👍
  2. Hello, Managing macOS clients is a new experince for me. Since Windows clients Agents can be easily updated with "ESMC Security Management Center" -> "Security Management Center Components Upgrade" task I thought it can be done the same way on macOS clients. Looks like it's not. Could you please let me know if there is a way to update Agent remotly on macOS clients? Updating EEA works fine with "Software Install" task. Thanks!
  3. I have the same situation for a last weeks. Today I've installed EFS v6.4.12002.0 on 3 virtual machines - one Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise and two Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard. On Enterprise everything was fine - activation was made during running installation task from ERA console. On one of Standard machines EFS didn't activate but I was able to activate it manually using my Security Admin account. On the second Standard machine I was not able to activate it at all - Error Code: ACT.21.
  4. Exactly - fixing potential problems. From time to time we had issues with "Windows Security Center indicates that the feature is not installed or is not running properly." Just restarting agent remotly helped in that cases. It is happening very rare but still it was very quick solution.
  5. Since ERA Agent 6.3 was released there is no option to restart EraAgentSvc service. Will this be available with next versions again? It was very usefull in some situations.
  6. After installing hotfix KB2664888 on all of our 2008 servers and updating ESET to version 6.2.12007.0 problem disappeared. Servers are running withour issues for a last few months. Now I'm updating to version 6.3.12004.0 and will monitor servers. But as Mairnh we met the problem with server 2012 and EFS v 6.2. I've updated it and agent to v 6.3 and will monitor it. Are there any fix from Microsoft side?
  7. Instead of installing the hotfix, you can disable protocol filtering in the advanced setup if you don't browse the web or receive email as doing so will effectively disable http/pop3/imap communication. Is it a kind of permanent solution or ESET is working to resolve this? We are installing now hotfix at severs with this issue. Servers are working for the list 2 weeks. We also met this issues on server 2012.
  8. I hope it will work. I'm also updating it on the problematic servers. We have a few of them.
  9. Hello again, There is around 1200 clients in my company. The thing is that our security policies requires as small traffic outiside company as possible. That's why we have ERA server so every client is connecting inside our LAN and only one server is downloading virus signatures from ESET servers. Best solution in this situation is to do it via ERA server. I think it should be change.
  10. Sounds good. We didn't notice any freeze after turning off service Columbus.exe. Hotfix didn't help in the past. From my side it's rather EFS vs. Columbus.
  11. It was some network issue in our LAN. Thank you for checking that links are working.
  12. Are there issues with file: hxxp://repository.eset.com/v1/com/eset/apps/business/efs/windows/v6/6.0.12035.0/efsw_nt64_enu.msi ? I'm downloading only 404 kb file.
  13. Yesterday I was upgrading ERAS to 6.1.444.0. After I've upgraded it I'm not able to install EFS 6.0.12035.0 using task: Software Installation. I'm also not able to update EFS 6.0.12032.0 to version 6.0.12035.0 using task. I've verified on a few servers. The whole process is ending in 3 steps: 1. ESET Remote Administrator Agent - Starting task 2. Operating system - Task started 3. Operating system - Task failed I've verified that both ERAS and other servers are connecting to each other. I'm also able to remotely update virus signature databse or export configuration but installation doe
  14. The biggest issues we met with our print and file servers. I would test it on print server. So you suggest to disable protocol filtering?
  15. Every single unit with EFS or EEA v6 that was activated is connecting to edf.eset.com:443 via our server proxy all the time. It's because every licence is being verified by ESET. I've already talked with polish ESET support and there is no way to avoid it. It is causing a traffic on our server proxy. We have ERA installed so we really don't need to go outside our LAN. I can turn off server proxy and everything works fine but than licence information is not being updated in ELA console. Is it a way to turn on server proxy settings for a specific period of time? For example daily during nigh
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