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  1. The plan is to release all localized builds by the beginning of January.
  2. Leaked, but not officially released yet. A new HIPS module with support for build 10586 will be released very soon.
  3. A, yes. Thank you... Fortgive me because I am ironic, but, it will happen in version 17. Support for screen readers (at least for JAWS) is already implemented in internal builds , but it needs to be tested and we will release an updated installers with screen readers support in coming weeks.
  4. Hi, this support is already implemented in our internal experimental builds, but it needs to be tested before public release, our plan is to release an updated build with screen readers support in the near future (but I can't promise any exact date yet).
  5. There is something new released today , but only for Czech, Slovak and German languages ... Stay tuned, there will be "something more" released very soon ...
  6. The issue with "incompatible" Win10 builds (published to Fast ring) will be solved in final v9 release.
  7. Yes, that's correct, beta version is pre-activated so there's no need to use a licence, but final release will require a valid license key to activate.
  8. Could you please provide more info about your v9 beta build? Did you try to replicate the issue with the latest v9 build (9.0.117 released this week)? I'm unable to repro this issue. thanks
  9. Thanks for your feedback, the issue is already fixed in internal builds, an updated beta build will be available in next few days .
  10. Uninstallation of epfw driver should resolve this issue, please check your network adapter>properties> uninstall epfw NDIS LightWeight filter .
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