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  1. hi, Description: Rules based on LiveGrid. Detail: Select Hips and/or Firewall base on LiveGrid reputation. Green (know) : allow Yellow (unknow but used) : Ask for hips and firewall (+ and add whitelist) Grey or Red : Block Hips and Firewall (+ and add whitelist) Thank you
  2. Hi, Still me I use for SMS and MMS Silence open source app : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.smssecure.smssecure But Anti-Theft not working. A friend try to send me : eset lock password I just get the sms :/
  3. Hi, I found folder on my phone "Eset" with fews pictures. But the option in Anti-Theft for take picture when pin is bad (2 times for me) is disable . And again this morning, i switch on option to take picture ON But pin 3 times fail. With 1 fail, Eset take one picture... Thank you Edit : i suggest to upload picture on cloud or send pper email and not stored in the phone Thank you and sorry for bad english
  4. I like this version ! 2 ideas : 1-LiveGrid list of applications safe/unknow/dangerous (as process on computer) Example from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.funnycat.virustotal : 2-Cleaning cache Browser : i cleaned many phone/tablet with spam popup... Thank you
  5. Hi, I hope : Add stream update On my.eset.com see logs of the computers (or others actions), i have a family with 6 computers... On my.eset.com add a form for samples Thank you.
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