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  1. Many thanks ken1943 this time I was a little more patient - and it worked! Last time (because all had appeared to stop/hang during final part) I now think I terminated before everything had fully installed/ come to a halt Thanks again
  2. I wanted to re-install SS8 on my windows 7 laptop. I tried to download this in the normal way, BUT, without any prompting I received SS9. OK, so I will install that I thought, after all it is an update. Did so but my legitimate SS8 licence number was rejected. Where can I obtain SS8, without being bullied into SS9? Thanks in advance for your comments
  3. I did use the in-product update mechanism.! Thanks for your reply. UPDATE - went online and downloaded - all went well.
  4. This was the message received when I tried to update 8.0.312.0 - to 8.0.319.0 Your thoughts would be appreciated. This PC operating windows 7. My windows 10 laptop has automatically updated to the newer version. Thanks in advance
  5. Hi Marcos yes I am, all indications are as they should be - and Laptop seems to be running as it should with no complications.
  6. On my Laptop (recently upgraded to windows 10) I receive notifications that the virus software is turned off - this refers to Windows defender of course. If I go to windows services, the fact that windows defender has not started is confirmed. I thought that my eset SS8 installation automatically 'took out' windows defender? It has overridden windows firewall. My problem is that I cannot disable defender via windows services - has anyone else had this problem? My other PC's (also on Eset SS8) do not receive this notification. Do I need to uninstall and reinstall Eset SS8?
  7. Following a trial install of ESS8 - I have purchased a 3 licence download. I used NOD32 successfully many years ago - so this is a bit of a reintroduction for me. Have to say that I am very pleased with the result.
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